A list of characters with a concise description for each. Some may be seen in-game, others only mentioned briefly by another character, through books, or item descriptions.

Male Characters

A Man From Sau. A nameless man from the small province of Sau. He rarely speaks, only listens.
Morogh of Selonde. A cold knight from the Selonde islands. His sword sharpened, strengthened by ice.
Okes of Oumer. A blessmaster of the grayling tribe, he longed for something more, never content.
Alvah the Smolderer. A pyromancer from the dark land of Anundrer, his destructive spells knew no bounds. When he was at his most powerful, the desire for fire consumed him.
Curran of Liyawane. A longbow archer on the higher rocklands of Liyawane. His aim was accurate, as if his shots were guided by magic.
Gilkinn of Widredlond. One of few surviving servants of an old king, now sells his wares to those who might find him.
Malin the Reborn. The last known forgemaster of the Reborn Ridgics, he primarily sells and trades weapons, armor, and ores.
Storr of Azundrer. A flaskmaster from Azundrer, his potions are strong and his posions incurable.
Fagan the Resourceful. An old Glimian, who has collected multiple treasures on his travels. The few other Glimians see him as an outsider, not making home in one place.
Orvin the Pilgrim. A pilgrim on the journey of the embers.
Lonn of the Friars. The first to complete the pilgrimage of embers, he was granted great longevity and leads the Friars of the Embers.
Swain the Knightless. A squire to Osric of Trothere. He has lost his knight, and now his purpose.
Osric of Trothere. An infamous knight known for being unpredictable and inconsistent.
Shieldmaster Ellard. An old knight who wielded a large shield with a spear. On his birth, the world was peaceful. He perfected his skills when others thought it unimportant.
Camshron of Anundrer. A man of untrustworthy reputation. Not much is known about him, or many from Anundrer for that matter.
Collier the Mineral Merchant. A young man, blackened from handling fuels, ores, and other minerals.
Salem the Benevolent Scholar. An intelligent scholar from an island far away. He came to the Watchers' Spire too long ago to sharpen his magic and brewing skills.
Blackbones. Once a Ridgic, he made a pact with Salem. Now, he serves him even through death.
Nairn the Riverguard. An old member of the Riverguard, he has lived by the alder-tree river most of his life.
Yitma the Beastling. A mutated being who lives in the flooded waterways. Abandoned at birth, he knows only sorrow and pain.
High King Ulger. An old king of Widredlond. His people are dead, the servants have fled.
Finley The Well-dweller. An ancient, nimble man living in a damp well. He has lost his sanity, and most of his things.
Old Lord Kynne. Born before time, a ruler of a ruined land.
Timegazer Dryn. The first to observe the cycles and seasons of the earth.
Meredydd the Venerable. A wiseman from a different age, discoverer of ember magic.

Female Characters

Astrianne the Curseweaver. An old curseweaver, banished from her homeland of Sau for her vile practices. She has perfected most curses at Widredlond, but recently came to Arisonte.
Alexianna of Trothere. A spearmaiden of great fame, she travelled Trothere protecting the helpless.
Fia of the Darkness. A distraught girl of unknown origin, tales are told of her destroying entire villages with unspeakable spells.
Katlia of the Mideast. A kind caregiver from an eastern province, she was the holder of many burdens.
Myka the Protector. From Ethya, she was known as the wise guard of the people, protector of the truth.
Acolyte Struanna. A girl from the Fortified Eyot, she found a peaceful life sooner than most.
Viktavia the Himpe. A lady of sundry magic, one of few remaining Himpes. She lives by the eigth creek, and always has.
Siofra the Forgotten. The only daughter of Fagan, she learned to guard at an early age, often travelling with her father.
Edana. Born by the dying land of Amers Crown, she has quite a fascination with embers.
Stone Collector Chantal. A travelling girl, collector of rare stones and metals.
Alpina the Colorless. A girl who seeks justice, balance, and fairness across the province.
Nathara of Arisonte. A crossbow sniper, she is embraced by darkness and surrounds herself with death.
Eara of the Friars. A sorceress from Ethya, she completed the pilgrimage of embers and joined the friars.
Darkscale Lilias. Once a beautiful noblewoman from Trothere, her narcissism brought upon her an unsightly affliction.
Louhi the Concealer. Daughter of Storr, a skilled concealer and shifter from Dagger's Reach.
Glynis. One of few apprentices of Meredydd the Venerable, she discovered how to contain embers in a vessel.