The Unspoken One, who brought forth death to all in this realm. Lords to dust, forests to ashes, and old beasts came to abide. And yet, on the day of the Calamity... an unsuspecting child was born. None have been taught of the events that are to unfold.

Stay hidden, you weak few, as the violent many always seek a feast.
— Shieldmaster Ellard

With maximum freedom and flexibility in mind, I set out to create combat unseen in any other 2D action RPG. I'll sum up what makes it unique from others:

  • Up to nine movesets per weapon, triggered by different player states, such as sprinting, jumping, or behind a shield.
  • Dual-wield any one-handed weapon combination. Yes, even shields.
  • Swords, when timed right, can block another sword mid-swing.
  • Shields are positioned relative to the cursor distance. Here's an old video demonstrating this.
  • Ammo can be retrieved from fallen foes and the ground, meaning the wreckless will lose ammo a lot quicker.

What types of weaponry does Pilgrimage of Embers have? There are four categories of combat. They are:

  • Striking. Close-range weaponry. This includes swords, warhammers, spears, etc.
  • Shooting. Long-range weaponry. This includes crossbows, longbows, thrown weapons (knives and potion flasks), etc.
  • Casting. Catalyst weaponry. This enables the wielder to cast spells, and includes shortstaves, longstaves, books, etc.
  • Blocking. Damage prevention. This is primarily shields.

Even though a sword is in the striker category, that won't restrict it from performing actions from the other categories. Swords that can cast spells are possible, as well as spiked shields that deal damage, or crossbows with a metal shield in the front for defending. The most common example will be strikers with a blocking stance.

When you die, your embers (experience points) and tokens (currency) are placed at your feet, and you're transported to the last soulgate you rested at. To retrieve your embers and tokens, you must travel back to where you last died and collect the pile of embers. Stay aware, as the previously slain monsters are resurrected whenever you are killed or rest at a soulgate!

Likewise, when you kill a monster, they will collapse into a swirl of embers, and any loot it was carrying is placed at it's feet. The experience points will be given to the player automatically.