I use Discord as a way to converse in real time. It has similarities to Skype, except with many more features which are better suited for groups. Our server is kind and friendly, so stop by and say hello!


@Soestae is a digital content creator proudly based in north-east Ohio. I'm  an INTJ, a Christian, and am spiritually ambitious. Since Enckling is run solely by me, this website is a reflection of who I am. Eventually, you'll begin to see a blend of technological and spiritual topics. I hope this will create an interesting and positive contrast!

My best skills are coding and artwork, however I have a strong desire to learn about any topic that interests me.



This section supports the projects and people I truly believe in. Whether you are partnered with me or not, you may copy and paste these guidelines to your webpage and start inviting people to partner up with you!

1. The webpage name and layout can vary, provided it's in the navigation section or easily seen. Be creative!
2. Both website owners are in agreement that they want to support each other.
3. Both partnered websites should list each other in the designated webpage.
4. When partnering up, both parties should send over their preferred name, description, website and Twitter profile.
5. Website owners that wish to suspend their partnership with another should notify them.

Voyager Games

Voyager Games is a small company developing Outer Colony, an upcoming world simulation game. With focuses on human behavior modeling, AI, and hard, number-driven simulation, our aim is to genuinely innovate and to build software like nothing that's been done before. We're using experience in defense and research to bring next generation technologies to the world of gaming!

Anachronic Designs

Anachronic Designs is a Canadian independent developer of mobile games and entertainment apps. Founded in January 2012, Anachronic Games focuses on creating unique, original, and compelling free game downloads for mobile and desktop platforms. Past projects include Flippy Uncle, Bad Pinball, Arcade at the End of the Universe, Super Kitten Spacey Cat, Sad Paddle, Anachron’s Arcade, Tweek, Slime Smasher, Munchy Monsters, Rogue Story, Council of the Gods, and others.

Rombosaur Studios

Rombosaur Studios is an indie game developer firm founded in mid 2015 with the launch of "Mission Massive Migration", a charming metroidvania for Android that was later ported to PC. You can check out our blog and twitter accounts for keeping up with Rombosaur news!