Provinces & Territories

  • Arisonte. The main province.
  • Trothere. The realm of Trothere lies on the eastern border or Arisonte.
  • Azundrer. A large island-province, located south of Arisonte.
  • Anundrer. A large underground realm mentioned only in Azundrer lore and spoken tales.
  • Enes Ourn. A group of scattered islands mentioned in ancient texts and lore.
  • Widredlond. A bleak province on the far side of the ocean.
  • Oumer Rock. A large rock of the grayling fish. This is far south-west of Arisonte, and is heavily forested.
  • Old Selonde. An old, crumbling set of islands to the far north. The climate is cold, and the Selonders are few.
  • Land of Sau. A small province connected to the north-east side of Trothere. The villages are small, and the sages are wise.
  • Liyawane. A mideast land, bordering Trothere on the south-eastern side. A rocky desert, with few trees and rivers.
  • Ethya. A mideast island located directly south of Liyawane.

Arisonte Regions

  • The Southern Lands.  A fairly windy, peaceful region.
  • Greater Mire. A large area of swampland, located in the south-eastern part of Arisonte.
  • The Stormridge. A range of mountains that stretches beside nearly half of the Jagged Seaboard. Home of the Ridgic and Reborn Ridgic.
  • Jagged Coastline. One of the longest and thinnest regions, located on the west coast. Both land and sea is littered with a heavy number of jagged rocks.
  • Central Lands. A central region, once with great lords and other individuals of renown.
  • The Lone Lands. The most underpopulated region of the province. The land has volcanoes and fields of ash, and most inhabitants are starved and insane.

The Southern Lands

  • Sanctuary of Embers. An old temple on the south-west side of the Stormridge, haven for the pilgrims of embers.
  • Pilgrims' Berth. A small dock, used solely to transport pilgrims to and from the province.
  • Remains of a Forgotten Place. A dark, hilly area covered with dead flora and crumbling ruins. There are plenty of caves here, where peculiar and dangerous creatures call home.
  • Untrodden Island. An south-eastern island, which remains unknown due to it's thick flora and dangerous beasts.
  • Shorewood Isle. A small beach island off the east coast of the Untrodden Island, connected by a rope bridge.
  • Windswept Island. Part of this island is a town that was burned down.
  • Grass-covered Knolls. A hill area with lush grass and a fair amount of trees.
  • Abode of a Breathless Monarch. A palestone temple, overgrown with weeds and moss.

Greater Mire

  • Decaying Colony. A variety of wooden settlements, spread throughout the swamplands.
  • Sunken Burg. A stone-built town at the eastern base of the Stormridge, half-sunken into the ground.
  • Loch of Ysanna. The stretched lake of poor Ysanna, with a dedicated belltower at the opposite side.
  • Southern Rivulets. Tall yet thin trickles of water with a shallow pool beneath.
  • Fane of a Deluged Monarch. A temple hidden behind one of the waterfalls at Southern Rivulets.

The Stormridge

  • Stomridge Root. The southern root of the Stormridge. There is an old, winding trail leading up to the Root's Archway.
  • Root's Archway. An old outpost that blocks the way to the Grimcrest Ruins by way of the southern root.
  • Malin's Peak. Home of Malin the Reborn, former forgemaster of Grimcrest.
  • Sage's Edge. At the northern edge of the Stormridge, slightly past the Falls of Aldren lies the Sage's Edge.
  • Grimcrest Ruins. Once the home of the Reborn Ridgics, though now mostly ruins. The buildings are made out of carved stone.
  • Falls of Aldren. A tall waterfall named after the high elders of Grimcrest.
  • Aldren Canals. Entrance is behind the Falls of Aldren. It is known almost exclusively by the high elders of Grimcrest.

Jagged Coastline

  • Acale's Hold. Old stone town of the cold mages, with magic and truth they dwelled in peace. The head of cold mages, Vika Acale, once served the hold's lord as an advisor.
  • Walled City Mooring. A large wooden dock with buildings, to the west of the Walled City. A dangerous place to sail for, given the jagged rocks in the waters.
  • Dreary Bight. A curved recess at the west-most side. There are caves that line the side of the cliff, with occasional pathways that connect different entrances and exits.
  • Old Kings' Land. Named so due to the shape of the land, where old ceremonies for kings took place.
  • Flameless Menhir. A tall, ashen-covered monolith.

Central Lands

  • Spire of the Flamewatchers. A tower of books and knowledge on an island off of the south-eastern coast.
  • Fortified Eyot. A fairly large island in the sinking river. It has an old, crumbling castle near its center.
  • Cindering River. The longest and most peculiar river in the province. It is a dark gray color, with bits of solid fuel flowing down. It's undrinkable without purification.
  • Himpe's Keep. An old wooden village, under the trees. They were herb and berry gatherers, and held the creatures trust and knowledge.
  • Riverguard Hythe. A small port-haven on the side of the river. This is a meeting place for the riverguards. There is an old, tall tree that the riverguards occasionally rest in.
  • Greenwood Glim. Home of the Glimians. A forested area, halfway resting on the northern side of the Stormridge. The Glimians dwell beneath the trees, sometimes in caves scattered throughout.
  • Northrock Oubliette. An old tower-prison found deep underneath the Northrock Mountain, used to keep the most lawless in.
  • Unseen Depths. Deep in the Northrock Oubliette is an entrance to this place, who no known man has been before.
  • Walled City of an Ashen Monarch. A city which went down a path of degeneration, ending at an abrupt collapse.
  • Stonebuilt Overpass. A stone bridge that connects the Stormridge with the Northrock Mountain and passes over the city of the Ashen Monarch. There are five sections of the bridge, with two towers on each side of a section.

The Lone Lands

  • Recluse's Hollows. A group of caves just near the surface with a wide hole to let in sunlight and rain. Only way in is to jump through. There is a large jagged rock in the center, with a spiral staircase leading to an old sage's meditation spot.
  • Old Sand Ruins. A crumbled city of sandstone whose name has long been forgotten.
  • Lifeless Valley. A desert valley. The few creatures which dwell here are diseased, dying, or have adapted.
  • Sealed Tomb. A large place where the people of the desert were laid to rest.
  • Ashen Fields. The field surrounding Amers Crown. The scorched ruins of a small village lie here.
  • Thrall Encampment. Where the slaves of a burning monarch dwell. A river of lava flows nearby.
  • Citadel of a Burning Monarch. The fortress of a Monarch, resting in front of Amers Crown. The city behind it has mostly been consumed by the flowing lava.
  • Amers Crown. A volcano, with the top shaped like a jagged crown.
  • Fervent Core. Deep inside Amers Crown