Update #1 - Shaders, Improved Camera, & Entity Controlling

Hello, hello! After a month-long break, I got back to programming. I'm trying to reformat the way I write my blog posts, as I know in the past I've made them excessively... wordy. So, from now on I'll write about the most important features and tweaks in an easy to read way.

If you want me to go in-depth on a particular topic, please comment. If you have any suggestions, please comment or send feedback(E.G, was the article too long still? Do you prefer bullet-point style updates, like this?).

-[ Shaders ]-


I've been practicing my HLSL skills, and have written a few useful shaders that I may or may not make use of in the final version. The best ones are listed in the picture. If you are unfamiliar with HLSL, it's an acronym for High Level Shader Language. If you are unfamiliar with what a shader is, to put it in a simplified phrase, "making the screen look pretty with math."

-[ Improved Camera ]-

I switched the camera over to make use of a matrix, which I should have added to begin with. If you want to know more about matrices, don't ask me because I don't know how it works. Probably magic.

-[ Entity Controlling ]-

Because of improving the camera, I was able to almost seemlessly add in the ability to control other entities. It's not implemented into the gameplay per se, but it works flawlessly. With the press of a key I can take control of the desired monster, walk around, use buttons, move particles, use weapons, and even kill the player's character.

And as a farewell, I'll tell you that I plan to work on the inventory so that it will show you items based on the monster you are controlling, work on the potion brewing interface(I have some exciting things in store for this one), and maybe some boring stuff like a text box and entity loot user interface. Oh, and work on combat a little more.

Until then,