Update #2 - Improved Inventory & Quickslots

It's Friday once again, and I've been working to finish up the new inventory. I made use of some old code from the early inventory, so it was smoother than expected. As boring as this might seem to some of you, here are some of the new(and old) features:

Before:  Old, kinda ugly, primitive inventory

Before: Old, kinda ugly, primitive inventory

After:  New and improved inventory

After: New and improved inventory

  • Infinite items. No stopping to decide what items you have to drop to pick up more loot.
  • Seven tabs. This includes Consumables, Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Jewelry, Resources, and Miscellaneous.
  • Drag and drop functionality. You can swap items in the inventory, drag items to a quickslot, and eventually gift NPCs items.
  • Reprogrammable buttons. Nothing you need to worry about, but I thought I'd include it.

Here is something cool though. I made the inventory so that it will work with any entity, not just the player. So if I add in some sort of mind control spell, you'll be able to access a monster's or character's inventory. So you could force an entity to drink a potion of poison if they have it.

I should mention a "feature" about my interfaces: when you open any of them, they don't pause the game. This is a major game feel and difficulty changer. I honestly believe it's what(partly) separates the difficulty level between Skyrim and Dark Souls. In Skyrim, the only thing stopping you from not dying is how many potions you can carry and that the game pauses when you access your inventory. So you can pause the game before you are about to die, chug a few potions, and keep adventuring. By taking this away and making potion drink time based on animation(so many 1-3 seconds to drink a potion), this adds risk. An opening for the enemy to slash at you, interrupting the potion-drinking, or a chance for enemies to surround you, or take a step back and heal. I should say that I went a step past Dark Souls and added a pause option, however you can't affect anything in the game while this is active. Because it was annoying when you had to go do something urgent, but you'd either have to teleport away, try to find a safe spot, or die.

Lastly, I've revamped the quickslots bar with an upgraded UI and improved it's interaction with the inventory. You can drag items from the inventory to the quickslot bar, delete them by clicking the 'X' button in the top right corner of each item, press 'Q' to use the select item's current button, and press the 'H' and 'G' keys to move right and left through buttons respectively.

It's not 100% complete, as you may have noticed the empty spot at the right pane. I'll most likely add in some  "destroy item" related buttons. Then all I need to do is add in weapon/armor/ammo/jewelry equipping, and it should be complete.

I'll finish that maybe mid-week, then I'll move on to the brewing interface. Exciting stuff.

Until then!