Update #7 - Flora, Seasons, and Site Improvements

Hey! I hope the new year is going well for you. I've gotten off to a nice start with an improved work schedule, trying to hit a daily goal of 9 hours. Some days it works out well, other days I fall short.

Now then, I'll start off strong in this post with the most exciting feature this week...


The video demonstrates most of what flora can do, so I'd highly recommend watching it. Here is a detailed list of what you can expect from these plants:

  • Pushing. The plant will move in realistic ways when walking through them.
  • Crushing. Most plants will be destroyed by running through them, causing them to fall over and eventually wilt.
  • Harvesting. If the plant can be picked, walking up to it and pressing the 'E' key will give you an item. This will most likely be used in crafting or brewing more complex items.
  • Simulated Wind. If there is wind, the plant will sway appropriately.
  • Sound Effects. When moving through plants, you'll hear grass rustling. The volume of the sound is dependent on whether the character is running, walking, or sneaking.
  • Saving. As expected, any plant that is killed or picked will stay that way until the next season, regardless if you load a different map. This was a fun challenge to add in.
  • Seasons. Every spring and summer season will regrow plants. Winter will not and cause all plants to fall over and wilt.


I'll start with some game-specific terminology. A year in my game is called a "pass", and lasts for 720 days. There are no months to separate time, but rather seasons called an "aghtene". There are 8 aghtenes in total, some lasting 60 days, and the some lasting 180 days. I'll go into more detail on these soon. To keep some familiarity, I've deciding it would be best to keep days and hours the same.

A total in-game day lasts just over 25 minutes real time, so it would take a little bit over 300 hours to complete a full pass. I also have a holiday/festivity function already added, that way special events may happen on certain days of a pass.

Lastly, before anyone asks: Yes, I'll be adding dynamic weather to accompany this. No, snow will not stick and water will not freeze. There are multiple issues with this, but the biggest one is I don't want to redraw every game asset with snow, ice, icicles, or slush. Sorry!

Site Improvements

After working on my brother's website, I learned a little bit about website design and programming and have been slowly adding some of the stuff I learned to this website. However, the biggest changes are the added webpages. I moved a lot of links from the navigation bar above to the "Creations" page. I've also been working on other pages which I'll be adding soon, such as:

  • Recommendations. I'll recommend something that I found useful or enjoyed, and other people doing cool stuff.
  • Code. I'll include code that I have found useful there.
  • Lore Blog. This will be just like this blog, except it will focus on the lore, locations, monsters, items and other game world content from Project Errantry.
  • Tutorials. I'll post some tutorials here on some of my skills such as programming, game design, pixel art, level design, or sound design and music composition (lesser skills).

Alright, that's all I have for this week. Next week I plan to work on combat, since it's one of the biggest obstacles left. I have some very exciting -- and hopefully innovative -- ideas planned out!

If you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you hate my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the facebook page, or comment here!

Until then,
Shyy Guy