Update #8 - Archery and Dual-wielding

Hey! A week sure went by quickly. I've been focusing on combat a lot this week, and it's starting to come together really nice. Here is a short video which shows most of the current archery and melee features.


  • Weapon Variety. Shortbows, longbows, crossbows, heavy crossbows, thrown weapons, and thrown flasks are all going to be added in Archery. A few of these can be dual-wielded (like crossbows and thrown flasks).
  • Bows. Different attack styles may have different effects per weapon. Crouching improves the archer's accuracy, doing a "power" shot shoots two arrows, and plenty more. The farther back the bowstring is pulled, the faster it will go and the harder it will hit.
  • Ammo Variety. Bows use arrows and crossbows use bolts. I have planned more than seventeen different types of arrows and bolts, ranging from normal "steel arrows" to unique "glass arrow".
  • Ammo Usage. Depending on the ammo, missed arrows will be stuck in the ground for you to retrieve and some hit arrows will be added to the entity's loot on death. This means less trips to an arrow-merchant or the Artisan's Counter to craft more.


  • Massive Compatibility. Any one-handed weapon can be used with another one. A crossbow and a shortsword, two daggers, two exploding flasks. Even two shields if you are feeling defensive. 
  • Button-Oriented Attacks. Primary hand weapons(right) will use the left mouse button to do its attack styles, and offhand weapons (left) will use the right mouse button. Sneaking, sprinting, jumping, and other attack modifiers will still change the respective weapon's attack style accordingly.
  • Lefty-friendly. Because of dual-wielding, you can equip a shield on the left or right hand. Though I have no idea if that's actually a problem for some people. If it is, then tell your left-handed friends.

I have to be honest, the way I programmed combat earlier last year made this very easy to do. A "one hour" sort of easy.

That's all for this week. Adding those bows ate up a lot of my time! Next week I'll still be working on combat, and I'll try to finish archery by adding crossbows, thrown weapons and flasks. If I finish that next week, I'll start working on magic (and unfortunately, rewrite the spellbook UI...). Magic should be much easier than archery and melee, at least on the combat side. Magic will be a lot of projectiles (like arrows) and particles, so that should be very fun to work with. And then after that... I'll probably tinker around with the artificial intelligence and make different monsters use either bows, weapons, or magic. Then maybe I'll take a day off.

Thank you for reading!
Shyy Guy