Update #33 - Jewellery, Flame Monuments, & Level Design

Hello again! How are you this fine day?

I did just a few minor code improvements which I'll list below:

  • Refined some minor debugging details, and added debug-related buttons. I kept forgetting what some underused shortcuts did, now no one will!
  • Screenshotting (F12) works as expected. Combine it with the Magnifying Glass item for interesting results.


Nearly all of the jewellery for the first alpha release has been completed! Compared to last week's update, you may notice some additional effect and name tweaks have been made. Here are all of the finished items, and what some of them do:

  • Ring Of Renewal. Increases stamina restoration.
  • Ring Of The Flameful. Secret.
  • Spellcaster's Patron. Gradually restores magical energy.
  • Wooden Ring. A ring carved from stillwood for a purpose unknown to it's bearer.
  • Ring Of Hastening. Increases attack speed.
  • Resistance Armyll. Increases resistance to negative statuses and improves defense against spells.
  • Knight's Bandstrot. Secret.
  • Tongues Of Foreigners. Allows comprehension of a few uncommon languages.
  • Chain Of Easing. Reduces armor weight by 30%.

Flame Monuments

You may have heard me mention "soulgates" in a couple of previous updates. This was what I called the checkpoint system, thought up long before I went with a fire-oriented theme. Flame Monuments aren't a new feature, but rather a "re-branding" of an existing one. Quick re-cap:

  • When you die, you will be moved back to the last monument you rested at.
  • Monuments currently have two states: unlit and ignited. Unlit monuments must be ignited before the player can warp to or rest at said monument.
  • The last monument rested at will emit embers, and gives you access to important UIs (brewing, leveling up, warping, etc.)

Level Design

The starting map of the player.

The starting map of the player.

Introducing the Temple of Embers' Waning. The level design itself has over fiften separate maps (not pictured: map borders). There are just a few maps that won't be included in the final release, as they are used to give a logical conclusion to a pathway that will eventually connect to a new location (Bottom-right corner, and top-right beside the river).

I'm inching closer to the alpha release every day. So... what's left? The highest priorities for next week are to finish all planned item icons, and then to work on environmental design and art. After I finish those, I'll finish the in-game item recipes, work on entity animations, or do more with audio (general SFX and music).

As always, if you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the Facebook page, or respond in the comment section below.

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy