Update #36 - Artwork & Code Tweaks

Friday again! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here is the minor changelog:

  • Characters will now be damaged depending on fall height.
  • Added a "relativity" vector to the AttachToObject class for offsetting attached objects.
  • Added shadows to game world items.
  • Changed how AttachToObject sets object position, allowing for greater flexibility.
  • Moved "uniqueID" from BaseFlora.cs to GameObject.cs. This is for saving/loading purposes.
  • Added the following switches: TwoWaySwitch, TimeSwitch, LockSwitch, TimeButton, LockButton
  • Added the code for spreading fire from object to object. It'll be added on the first post-alpha update.
  • Added Populate() method to GameObject class. This allows multiple objects to be copied around the original object, and works well with flora.
  • Added a boolean that checks if the GameObject is moving.
  • A small variety of performance tweaks to Flora and GameObject classes.
  • Adding object recycling to emitters.
  • Added AnimatedObject.cs.



  • Two-way button
  • Lock button
  • Time button
  • Two-way lever
  • One-way lever
  • Time lever
  • Two-way wall switch
  • One-way wall switch
  • Well wheel with rope
  • Lantern post


  • Six gravestones
  • Five types of flora
Improved dirt, stone pathways, lantern post, and a well.

Improved dirt, stone pathways, lantern post, and a well.


  • Improved grass
  • Improved dirt
  • Thirty-six grass pathways
  • Thirty-two stone pathways

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy