Update #39 - Artwork & Yearly Review

Hello again! I hope you had a great Christmas, and had plenty of well-spent time with family and friends. This week's update will be slightly different, as I take a look back at how the year went. First, as always, the minor changes:

  • Fixed minor issues with MultiItem.cs and SingleItem.cs.
  • Added data saving/loading to MultiItem.cs and SingleItem.cs.



  • Fourty-one cliffsides (a few pictured above)
  • Pond animation


  • Wooden and stone chests
From Left to Right:  Attack Up ,  Defense Up ,  Accuracy Up ,  Speed Up , and  Burning

From Left to Right: Attack Up, Defense Up, Accuracy Up, Speed Up, and Burning


  • Notification and status icons

The Year In Review


If you can believe it, this was my first year working as a full-time game developer. It's been a new and exciting experience, and absolutely worthwhile. Here are some general statistics:

  • I wrote and published thirty-two updates
  • I worked for nearly 1,500 hours
  • Over fifty of you signed up for Pilgrimage of Ember's alpha
  • Transitioned Pilgrimage of Embers from Engine Work to Content Creation phase

Other honorable mentions include the PoE Game Launcher, converting the PoE code from XNA to MonoGame, the Time Management program, and 200 reported minor code changes.

Now then, how about the game itself? Well, I can say it was a fantastic year for Pilgrimage of Embers. I went back through the previous weekly updates and compiled a list of the best achievements:

  • Flora (plants and trees)
  • Combat (physical, projectile, magical, and defensive)
  • Twenty-two user interfaces, ranging from Options to Brewing to the Main Menu.
  • Entity AI and pathfinding
  • Weather and wind
  • Smoldering Embers
  • Flame Monuments (checkpoint system)
  • Over 115 item icons (3 timelapse videos)
  • Over 350 tiles (from grass tiles to cliff tiles to g)
  • Over 60+ object textures (from buckets to animated well wheels)

What's Next?

Same as I've been doing for the past few months: artwork. I might do some work on the Time Management program, as I want to make it process the time at the end of the day into a text file. Once I finish that, then I get to move onto a new area, which is sound effect design and recording. Bulletpoint list because it's easier to read:

  • Compose some music
  • Create the maps
  • Code the AI
  • Add in content, like crafting recipes, rumors, brewing and smelting recipes, lore, item descriptions, etc.
  • Make sure everything is balanced out
  • Make sure everything works together towards a common experience
  • Triple-check everything

Then once I feel that the game is good enough, I'll release it to everyone who signed up. I'm a perfectionist, but I'm trying to tamper that back a little.

That's all for this week's update. I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve, and a excellent 2017. Until next year!

From Enckling, with love.