Update #13 - New User Interfaces

Welcome! I'm slowly inching closer to the alpha release every week. I'm still working on character pathfinding. It's been successfully implemented to the game, but I'm still working out some important features. For this week, I've added three new interfaces for the player to interact with. The Artisan's Counter, Mender's Tools, and the Stonehold. Something to remember is that these interfaces can only be accessed at a soulgate (checkpoint), and some of them need to be unlocked before using. I'll discuss these interfaces below.

Artisan's Counter

Uncertain recipe  (top),  refined recipe  (bottom)

Uncertain recipe (top), refined recipe (bottom)

Interesting names aside, this UI is a standard crafting interface. Click on the recipe, click button to craft. The item can be crafted if you have the necessary ingredients. However, there is a unique feature I'd like to highlight. Recipe States. Each recipe is either Unknown, Uncertain, Crafted, or Refined:

  • Unknown recipes won't show up at all. They must be discovered or unlocked through out the game.
  • Uncertain recipes are shown but unknown items. This is the state directly after being unlocked.
  • Crafted recipes will show the item name and icon. This is the typical state.
  • Refined recipes can craft better items. To refine a recipe, the player must craft a recipe a certain amount of times. They might be shown this for each recipe. Not all recipes can be refined. This may be arrows that do more damage, armor with better defensive stats, etc.

Mender's Tools

Mender's Tools

Mender's Tools

This interface is pretty simple, yet useful. It is used for repairing any damaged weapons, armor, or item the player has. The required ingredients to repair an item will likely vary, or may be a singular item. I haven't decided just yet. An iron ingot to repair an iron weapon makes sense, but everyone else does that. An item specifically used for repairing items could be called "Dust of Melding". Now that sounds cool. I'll need to give it more thought.


The  Stonehold  interface

The Stonehold interface

Similar to the other interfaces, this is used for item storage. If the player has items they don't want cluttering their inventory, but also want to keep it for future use, they should put it in here. Of course, they can also withdraw the items too.

That's all I've got! I'll be on vacation soon, so don't expect another post for few weeks. I'll see about finishing the pathfinding next week, then all that is left is:

  • More interfaces
  • Title screen
  • Magic
  • Shields
  • Dodging
  • Resource Collecting (might end up doing this after alpha release)
  • Lots of sound effects
  • Character and monster animations

And making sure everything works right and tweaking different features. Then, alpha release. I'm looking forward to it. Once the alpha is released, I'll be responding to feedback, making improvements, and adding content to the game while continually updating the release for all of you to try out. I have some really exciting skill-based ideas which will be added in afterwards, like Trapping and Concealment.

If you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you hate my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the Facebook page, or respond here!

Until... whenever!
Shyy Guy