Update #16 - Smelter UI and Armor Stats

Once again, it's Friday! I've got some cool stuff to talk about in this blog post, so let's not waste any more time.

Armor Stats

What would armor be if it didn't protect you? Probably heavy clothes. Armor has a few primary stats. These are:

  • Melee defense
  • Projectile defense
  • Magic defense
  • Effect resistance/amplifier

Additionally, armor can have some secondary, optional stats. A few of these are:

  • Bonus health. This will increase your maximum health limit.
  • Bonus stamina. Same as health, but for stamina.
  • Speed boost. This should be self-explanatory. Makes you move quicker.
  • Archery accuracy. This improves your character's aim.
  • Strength damage. This gives the player a bonus to damage dealt.

Lastly, armor may have special abilities. An example of this is a piece of armor that will gradually heal your health.

Ore Smelter

Ore smelting in action!

Ore smelting in action!

The ore smelter was originally supposed to be very similar to Minecraft's furnace. After brainstorming with a friend, we came up with some great improvements to my first idea. Here are the exciting features:

  • Temperature. Measured by the multi-colored gauge at the bottom, this shows the player how hot the furnace is. You'll see why this is important bellow (pun intended).
  • Fuel. From wood to coal, there will be plenty of options. Each fuel type has a burn rate, temperature rate, and maximum temperature. The flame in the middle of the interface shows the current fuel's time left.
  • Ores. Just like fuel, ores have unique properties. An ore has a melting point, melting rate, and optional modifier item.
  • Modifying Items. You can place modifying items in the top-right slot. Smelting iron ore gives iron ingots, whereas smelting iron ore with a carbon modifying item will produce steel. Likewise, this will be useful for smelting other forms of fantasy metals!
  • Received Items. The finished product will be directly deposited into your inventory. However, since this is a checkpoint interface, if you aren't close by, it will go to your Stonehold storage instead.
  • Bellows. Clicking the bellows button will increase the rate of the fuel as well as the burn rate. The effect will gradually wear off.
  • Continual. Unlike other games, taking the fuel out will only stop the temperature from increasing. The ore will continue smelting provided the temperature is above the ore's melting point.

Maybe spellbook UI next. If you can't tell, I'm procrastinating badly on this. It'll take awhile, and it'll be boring. Magic will be fun, though! Promise!

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy