Update #17 - Spellbook UI, Equipment HUD, and Logger

Friday, April 22nd. The days are starting to run together. My graphics processing unit is showing signs of weariness, and my phone's battery is running low. I am getting closer to Alpha base.

  • Soulgate interfaces now close when the player is no longer near them.
  • Fixed a bug related to characters and camera zooming.
  • Adjusted flora and character depth offsets.
  • Switch Ammo shortcut added.

Spellbook UI

The Spellbook UI (left) with the equipment HUD (right)

The Spellbook UI (left) with the equipment HUD (right)

At last, the spellbook has been completed. This is pretty standard inventory-like spell holder. To the left side, there are five tabs (soon to be six). Destructive spells, aiding spells, cursings, blessings, and invocations. The sixth will be the Sundries tab, and it will hold spells that don't really fit into the other categories. The slots on the bottom are when you'll drag the spells to equip them. Maximum spell slots will scale with the player's magic level, up to a maximum of 7.

Equipment HUD

The picture above shows this very well. The HUD will show you what items you currently have equipped. Each slot has a shortcut key assigned to it for switching. By default, the 'F' key scrolls through the primary weapon hand, Caps Lock is offhand weapon hand, 'R' is ammo, 'Z' is spells, and 'C' is souls. Currently, this HUD has no animation to it, so I'll need to add that eventually.




You know whenever a game crashes and a text file is generated with detailed information about why the game crashed? This is a simplified version of that. It records all of whatever the player is doing. Then if the game crashes, the last thing the player did should be what caused it. The player should then be informed to send the debug log to me along with a detailed explanation of what he was doing, then I can fix whatever caused it. This should be relatively straightforward, right?

This was quite a bite-sized post! Anyways, for next week... I can technically start working on combat magic, more soulgate UIs like Brewmaster's Contrivances of Gate Warping, or other game feel improvements. I'll see where the flow goes.

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy