Update #19 - Huge Update and Website Improvements

Saturday, May 21st. The heat of summer draws near as I trudge onward. 

  •  Fixed cross-map warping
  •  Fixed an odd glitch with BaseStatus class being applied to the wrong character
  •  Fixed sound positioning when camera reaches map bounds
  •  Monsters who kill other monsters get embers, and will give you their embers if you kill them
  •  Tooltips will now adjust automatically when offscreen
  •  Monsters will now be revived back to their starting tile.
  •  Some monsters' values will not be saved, such as those that are spawned post-map load

Soulgate UI

Soulgate in action!

Soulgate in action!

This functions similar to how it originally was, just more circular! Two notes about the buttons:

  • Some interfaces must be unlocked before using.
  • Some can only be used at primeval soulgates, while other buttons like "Rejuvenate" can be used at connector soulgates.

Entity Death

In some games, reloading a map causes all monsters to respawn, forcing you to either dodge their attacks or kill them all before safely continuing. This is not the case here! Monsters will only respawn when you rest at a soulgate, whether the map is loaded or unloaded. The way I implemented it means that you can have all of the monsters in every map dead at one time.

How this works is the player character and monsters each have a rest count. If the player kills all monsters in a map, the monster rest count equals the player rest count. The player rest count only changes when he rests at a soulgate. So, if the player returns again, the game will compare the player rest count to the monster rest count. If they match, that means the player has not rested since the monster was killed, so the monster stays dead. If they do not match, that means the player has rested since the monster was kill, so the monsters are revived.

Since we're talking about monsters, I should note that I added in simple short and long-term memory. Short-term is primarily for monsters, and long-term is only for characters and will be saved in each character's save file.

Ember & Token HUD

The two counters on the left and right side of the quickslots.

The two counters on the left and right side of the quickslots.

When you die, you will lose all of your embers (experience points), and a decent chunk of your tokens. I decided it would be important for the player to know how much tokens and embers he has, so he can easily gauge if he should return to the checkpoint to spend his embers and tokens before plunging into a large room full of enemies.

Game Info Pages

I've begun to add some more game-related pages. These include race and faction information, skills information, and location information. I have plans to add quite a bit more, so check the PoE page occasionally!

If you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on theFacebook page, or respond here!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy