Update #20 - Death Screen & Editor Improvements

Sunday, May 29th. The summer heat begins to have a negative impact on both coder and machine performance.

Death Screen

The video above does more than words can do alone, so I'd recommend watching this! Two things to note here are 'Embers' and 'Tokens'. Embers are the name I've chosen for experience points and are used for leveling up the player's skills, whereas tokens are the name for the currency in the realm of Arisonte.

Tile Editor Improvements

The Tile Editor, very useful for speeding up map editing.

The Tile Editor, very useful for speeding up map editing.

While it doesn't look like much, it makes up for functionality what it loses in appearance. I'll go through each section from left to right below:

Button Screen

  • New Map. Creates a new map with the specified name at the location selected.
  • Load Map. Loads a pre-existing map.
  • Add Layer. Adds in a new layer of tiles. This contains the layer name, depth, and size.
  • Remove Layer. Removes the currently selected layer.
  • Rename Layer. Okay, this is self-explanatory.
  • Expand Layer. Increases or decreases the layer size.
  • Next/Previous Layer. Switches between layers.
  • Show/Hide Layer. Shows or hides the current layer.
  • Add Tile. Pops open a window explorer screen for selecting valid texture images. You can load in multiple images at once.
  • Replace Tile. Replaces all occurrences of the primary tile with the secondary tile.
  • Show/Hide Layers. Shows or hides the "Layers" window to the right of the buttons.
  • Show/Hide Tiles. Shows or hides the "Tiles" window on the right side of the screen.

Layers Screen. Displays all of the layers in the current map. Starting with layer depth, then name, size, and if it's hidden or not.
Tiles Screen. Shows all of the tiles in the current map. Left (primary) or right-click (secondary) on a tile to assign it to the respective tile.

There may be some additional buttons I add in later on, but this is as good as it needs to be for maximum map creation efficiency.

That's all for this week. Next week I plan on adding the object editor, which goes hand-in-hand with the tile editor. If I get that done early, I'll consider working on spellcasting or AI again.

If you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the Facebook page, or respond here!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy