Update #22 - Many Tiny Changes and Additions

Friday, July 1st. Inching closer to the alpha, the game is coming together well.

Object Editor Tweaks

I'll list all of the changes bullet point style:

  • Added to the [Colliders] and [Lights] categories.
  • Added LockButton to the [Switches] category.
  • Added a [Meta] tag with an "Author" variable. This will prevent the player from accidentally overwriting a map.
  • Added AttachToObject to [Sensors]. This physically (digitally?) attaches an object to another, allowing equal movement.
  • Added KeySensor to [Sensors]. This detects specified key inputs, and outputs the response to other objects.
  • Added IDSensor to [Sensors]. This checks for objects that are within X radius with the specified ID.
  • Added MouseClickSensor to [Sensors]. Same as KeySensor, except with mouse buttons.
  • Added VariableDetector to [Sensors]. This is for checking variables of other objects, and will turn on if object A's variable matches object B's variable.
  • Added NumberDetector to [Sensors]. Functions similarly to VariableDetector, except can make use of more operators (>, >=, <, <=, !=, etc.)
  • Added VariableCircuit to [Sensors]. This will take a variable from one object and output it to another, behaving very similarly to object editing.
  • Added MultiItem object to [Containers] category, and improved it's parse variables.
  • Added Ambience2D object to the [Audio] category.
  • Added [VariousObjects] tag, alongside a FadingImage object.
  • GameObjects are no longer write-only. Variable values can be used with NumberDetector and VariableDetector objects.
  • Added copy/pasting of objects with middle-clicking.
  • Added LookAt object to [VariousObjects] category.

Combat Tweaks

  • Each spell has their own attack moveset. This will make adding spells more difficult, but fulfills how I wanted magic to be.
  • Improved shield aiming.
  • Fixed caster aim direction.
  • Fixed an annoying glitch that forced crossbow users to automatically reload when they ran out of stamina.
  • Fixed crossbow and arweblast shadow glitch.

HUD Meter Tweaks

Showing the player's HUD meter improvements. Unline my other videos, this has audio!

  • Improved meter bar textures.
  • Meters now move smoothly, but quickly.
  • Meters now show particles when being depleted.
  • Markers have been placed at the end of each meter.
  • Meters will flash when low or being depleted.
  • Auditory warnings when meters are low.

Miscellaneous Tweaks

  • Improved entity action suspension reliability and feel
  • Added a blur post-processing effect to screen transitions.

Well, that's all for this week. I've been working on the main menu, so I should have that complete by next Friday. There is still a bit to do, not just in programming but in sound effects, art assets, and music. But I'll be able to start working on the alpha soon! I can feel it lurking closer.

As always, if you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the Facebook page, or respond here!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy