Update #25 - Imbue Essence, Brewmaster's Contrivances, Wind & Weather

♪ Friday, Friday  ... July 29th.

  •  Two-handed and one-handed weapons now function properly together (or not at all).
  •  HUD now shows when a weapon cannot be used (when primary and offhand weapons are incompatible).
  •  Added key for switching which weapon gets use (when primary and offhand weapons are incompatible).
  •  Switched Controls.cs key data over to ControlKeys.cs.
  •  Added control saving and loading.
  •  Added settings saving and loading.
  •  Updated BaseScreen.cs for improved usage with interfaces.
  •  Added "Soul Renown" to the player info list in the stats window.
  •  Quickslot items that run out will no longer be permanently removed. If you pick it up again, the item will be re-added to the slot.
  •  Status effect improvements, including code clean-up, easy adding of new statuses, some statuses cannot be cured by resting at a soulgate, and some can be invisible (not displayed on HUD).
  •  Character visual overlay improvements, including code clean-up, easy adding of new visuals, draw in front or behind character.

Imbue Essence

Imbue an essence for all of your restorative needs!

Imbue an essence for all of your restorative needs!

Initially, this interface was never planned. Instead of what you see above, it was to be combined with the brewing interface (seen below). Inspiration struck, and this wondeful feature was added the next day. First, let me introduce you to some important items.

  • Inert Essence. An item that is useless in it's current state.
  • Sunlight Essence. An item that restores health.
  • Moonlight Essence. An item that restores magical energy.

Starting out, the player will have three Inert Essences. These items are found very rarely throughout the game, whether on the floor or purchased from a merchant. In their current state, they aren't anything useful. However, once imbued, they can be used to heal health or restore magical energy. Once one of these items has been used, they revert to inert essence. If you run out of Sunlight or Moonlight Essence, you must return to a soulgate, rest, and then the previous queue will be added to your inventory.

Brewmaster's Contrivances

Brew a potion, or fail trying!

Brew a potion, or fail trying!

This interface is similar in a lot of ways to the Ore Smelter UI, though with some key differences.

The top-left item slot is for the primary ingredient, the top-right item slot is for the secondary ingredient, and the bottom item slot is for the container (typically, a glass bottle). After dragging the empty bottles from your inventory, the next step is to click the small button off to the left side. This will fill empty bottles with water, or empty existing bottles of water depending on what the bottle slot contains. Next, place your primary and secondary ingredients in the top slots, and brew away! One important detail is that if ingredients do not match a potion's recipe (discovered or undiscovered), they will fail.

The bottom area is where discovered recipes will be placed. This is because I didn't want players to have to look up "how to brew X potion" like some games force. You will find recipes throughout the game world, in the form of notes that tell the player the ingredients for certain potions. When a potion is brewed, it's recipe is added to the "recipe book".

Wind & Weather

I highly recommend you watch the video above (turn up the volume, because there is finally sound in this video!). I have plans to add in more weather types, such as falling ash in volcanic areas, dust, maybe sandstorms.

Alright, wow... I'll see about work on magic next (as I've been saying), and some more combat tweaks. The only really big tasks left are some better AI behavior and finish off the HUD. Also have a task called "Small Tweaks", but everything else is at a lower priority to the alpha! Content creation is coming very soon.

As always, if you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the Facebook page, or respond here!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy