Update #27 - Start Screen, and Plenty of Fixes

Helloooo! Even though there were a number of power outtages and thunderstorms yesterday, I've managed to get quite a bit done this week. As always, I'll start with the twenty-four small fixes and tweaks:

  • Added in Jewellery equipping and functionality.
  • The HUD's top-left corner has found a purpose: faction symbols.
  • Tweaked how factions are added. Cleaner, easier.
  • Added a "Remove" shortcut to UIs, which removes equipped items from weapon, armor, jewellery, ammo, and quickslots.
  • Added icons to the Settings tabs.
  • Added a check for empty names when creating a new save file.
  • Fixed Settings selection box drawing behind buttons.
  • Fixed misbehaving buttons on the character UI.
  • Fixed quickslot scrolling when mouse is in other UIs.
  • Tweaked how the HUD displays the character's name, as well as font and color. 
  • Adjusted Gamma positoning in settings UI (down slightly).
  • Added hover check for all UIs. This is primarily for preventing weapon attacks when clicking inside of a UI.
  • Added all implemented skill descriptions.
  • Added a pop-up to the Controls tab that informs the player to "Press a key to assign."
  • Added ember particles to the logo.
  • Added temporary icons to warping UI.
  • Moved mending ingredients from item to MendersTools.cs. Cleaner, easier to add new "repair recipes".
  • Added more save data values to items.
  • Moved reinforcing variables to ReinforcersWorkbench.cs. Cleaner, and somewhat easier to add new reinforce levels and ingredients.
  • Added five more categories that will be output into the Creator's Guide.txt. 
  • Changed when the Creator's Guide.txt is generated. You must be in-game, then press F8 (debug) then F10 (output).
  • BaseFaction.cs has been improved. Added symbol, color, and default disposition options.
  • Armor and weapon reinforcing now works as expected.
  • Hooked up a few more stats in the Skills UI for displaying (Physical, Projectile, Magical Defense).

Start Screen

I don't think an explanation is needed for this one. As soon as you press a key, the main menu will appear. Eventually, when I add in locations and more maps, the main menu will be situated around some of those places!

As you can guess, I spent a lot of time this week focusing on the smaller details. This is all very important stuff, just takes some time. Assuming I don't find any more tasks to do, I only have ten more small tasks like above to work on! Then a few big tasks that need pondering.

As always, if you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the Facebook page, or respond here!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy