Update #30 - More Changes, Dodging, And Pre-Alpha Stage

Thursday, September 15th. It's official: the game engine has entered the pre-alpha stage! More on that in a bit. For now, here are the minor changes:

  • The inventory item description can now be scrolled through, allowing for more text.
  • Fixed and re-added text formatting.
  • The inventory item attributes can now be scrolled through, allowing for more text.
  • Added weight to armors. This reduces the character's movement speed, but increases stun defense.
  • Added entity interaction to the smoke.
  • Added some SFX to the UIs, notably Brewing and Smelting.
  • Added data saving/loading to the Brewing UI.
  • Added sword and shield deflecting animation.
  • The WeaponLine.cs boolean "IsActive" is no longer dependant on min/max angles. This will allow for both slashing and stabbing attacks.
  • Improved the look of blood. It is now darker.
  • Added TrailParticle.cs and ConnectedFloorParticle.cs.
  • Added RandomObject.cs and List.cs.
  • Slightly improved the VariableCircuit class.
  • Improved how damage is processed per entity. Now, multiple swings per moveset are possible.
  • Sparks fly when shields and swords clash.
  • Re-added deflector, striker, shooters shadows.
  • Positioned the look direction center around the upper body. Among others, this makes projectile-based weapons a lot easier to aim.
  • Jump height is now properly affected by armor weight.
  • Fixed the action time not being affected by weapon speed.
  • Changed the entity hitbox from a circle to a rectangle.
  • Added two positional motion vectors to entities: movement and controlled. Movement is for where the character wants to go, controlled is for everything else (E.G, very strong wind or flowing rivers)
  • The bows were misbehavin', so I fixed 'em.
  • Added a pop-up number that says how many embers (experience points) you have recently received.
  • Fixed an annoyance that caused the controlled entity to use a combat weapon when clicking certain UI elements.
  • Fixed a small issue with soulgate-reliant UIs not closing when moving away from the soulgate.
  • Changed how the ore smelter handles items, now consistent with the way brewing does.
  • Added saving and loading to the ore smelter.
  • Improved how items stack, and how many. Items such as weapons and armor can have multiple stacks, whereas consumables and resources can only have one.
  • Improvements made to SingleItem(game object), Brewing, Ore Smelting, and Stonehold relating to item multi-stacking.


Though an important aspect of combat, there isn't much to be said about it. To dodge, the player willl press Left Alt (or assigned key) and then rolls towards the mouse's position. The rolling speed, distance, and consumed stamina is determined by the character's Agility level and armor weight. When rolling, the character won't take damage from weapon or projectile attacks, but will from area-of-effect attacks (such as explosions).

Pre-Alpha Stage

The Stage Meter, as seen at the Pilgrimage of Embers page.

The Stage Meter, as seen at the Pilgrimage of Embers page.

To help organize my to-do list, I made three different categories: pre-engine, pre-alpha, and post-alpha stages. During the pre-engine stage, a majority of my focus was on code. I often compare game engines to house building (not that I know much about that topic). You shouldn't build your house on a weak foundation, otherwise you will find yourself having to patch it up just to keep it together. Similarly, if you have a game engine that was poorly put together, the developer and player will suffer.

I feel very strongly that the engine I've coded has been put together very well, bringing us to the pre-alpha stage! In this stage, I'll be focusing larging on content creation. Here are the primary categories that come to mind:

  • Artwork. This includes tile textures, object textures, entity animations, UI textures, etc.
  • Sound Effects. Self-explanatory. Includes world-based and screen-based.
  • Music. Self-explanatory.
  • Game content. Items, smelter recipes, brewing recipes, spells, rumors, etc.
  • Lore. The stories of places and peoples.
  • Level Design. The layout of each map.

Once everything is complete, I'll release the alpha for everyone who has signed up. Then begins the post-alpha stage. During this, I'll receive the feedback from those of you who has played through it and tweak the game accordingly. I will continually update the alpha when there is more completed content. Although the post-alpha stage is the last one mentioned, there will be a few more. I'm not wasting too much time thinking of what is to come after the alpha, but when I do think of a new stage, I'll add it to the end of the Stage Meter seen here (pictured above, too).

That was my week. How was your's? Besides the pre-alpha tasks, I do have a lot of post-alpha tasks lined up which I'm really looking forward to adding in when I finally get to that point.

My post-alpha to-do list.

My post-alpha to-do list.

As always, if you have any ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my game, you can: Send me an email, tweet @TheShyyGuy, comment on the Facebook page, or respond in the comment section below.

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy