Update #41 - Water Flora & Game Feels

Oh, welcome back.

  • Fixed a game-breaking issue with irregular map sizes.
  • Fixed issues with weather not unloading on map change.
  • Improved object list iteration logic performance.
  • Improved 2D SFX positioning logic performance.
  • Improved depth logic performance.
  • Minor improvements to WavyFlora performance.
  • Minor improvements to weather and wind map data.
  • Added three new settings to the Display tab: Camera Shake Multiplier, Hide HUD, Use Widescreen.
  • Fixed a minor issue when loading volume variables.

Water Flora

Currently, there are two types of water flora drawn:

  • Lily pads (twelve variants)
  • Lotuses (nine variants)

Water flora features:

  • Dynamic animation. Just like regular flora is moved by the wind, water flora gradually bobs above the water surface.
  • Harvesting. Water flora can be picked just like regular flora.
  • Entity Interaction. When swimming through the flora, they will gradually be pushed aside and move back when the entity is no longer there.

Game Feel Improvements

This week, I coded in some minor game feel improvements. A widescreen effect, which displays two black bars on both vertical ends of the screen. Camera shake, which will be used for various actions such as hitting a monster or when taking fall damage. Lastly, the HUD can now fade out completely (arguably related to "game feel"). As stated in the minor changes, these three improvements needed some additional options.

  • I wasn't entirely certain if some people hate widescreen effects, so I added in the option to disable it anyway. Default is enabled, and will typically only be triggered during cinematic scenes.
  • For accessibility, camera shake can be reduced or turned off completely. If you still want the effect but it's too powerful, you can set it to 5%, 10%, 20%, etc.
  • An option to turn off the HUD completely. Default is disabled.

I'm currently putting together the first alpha map, which I'm hopeful will be completed before the next weekly update.

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From Enckling, with love.
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