Update #42 - Website Improvements & Map Design

Welcome back! I'll spare you the weekly introduction and jump right in. Here's the minor changes:

  • Fixed an issue with TileEditor changing tiles when clicking outside of game window.
  • Fixed a small depth bug, rendering the player invisible in the lower 20% of a map.
  • Added in option for AnimatedObject to have shadows.
  • Added CandleSmoke.cs particle emitter.
  • Added "WindMultiplier" variable to WavyFlora.
  • Improved item retrieval performance.
  • Abolished Arisonte Tokens. The new currency is embers.
  • Item data loaded will no longer be out of bounds of the current minimum/maximum range.
  • Artwork: Eight bone variants, three candle animations.

Website Improvements

As you've likely noticed, I updated the website background from the flat parchment paper to a more vibrant parchment style. I've also:

  • Added a Characters page. I''ve listed most of the PoE characters here with a short description.
  • Added a Vocabulary page. A list of game-specific vocabulary.
  • Added a "Timeline" section to the Story page.
  • Tweaked descriptions for "Races & Factions" & page.

You can see a list of the other pages here.

Map Design

I've spent a lot of time this week working on the main temple map. Rather than talking about it, I'll show you!

These are most of the completed areas. The others have the basics done (cliffs, grass, dirt), but lack the flora and trees that make it really pop. You can click on each one to expand it.

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy