Update #43 - Map Design & Discord Improvements

  • Improved map loading speed.
  • Added a "wax seal" to the bottom right corner of each page (website).
  • New company logo.
  • Added a performance tweak to the Options UI. This allows the user to disable a percentage of non-essential "visual" objects (such as unpickable, unkillable flora) are visible.
  • A small tweak to the PercentageBar class, allowing tooltip descriptions.
  • Minor fixes to the Options UI.
  • Various improvements to a variety of GameObject classes.
  • Nearly completed a clock analzer (console window, very DIY).

Map Design

The temple is about 75%~ complete. Compared to the original level design, it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I had to downscale it a little bit, and it's still large. I'll add the roof in the next couple of days, and then see what is missing.


  • Improved temple door
  • Improved tall temple window
  • Twelve outer temple railing tiles
  • Eleven outer temple edge tiles
  • Various improvements to other temple tiles

Discord Improvements

I've been reviving the Discord server this week. Added channels, new roles, and even started work on a custom bot. Some of these features are Patron-only:

  • #polls channel for voting on various topics.
  • #suggestions channel.
  • #members channel. This requires a Friar-tier Patron.
  • #items channel. This is used by the custom bot.
  • EncklingBot, a custom bot. Get embers by sending messages, exchange embers for loot, then make use earned items (like dice, or user rolling). There's even a merchant.

I have plans to add much more content to the bot.

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy