Update #45 - Flora Assets, Tile Resizing, & Version Compatibility

Welcome! There was only one minor change this week:

  • Improved GameInfo.cs, particularly to how versioning functions.

Flora Assets

  • Grass Tufts. Mostly everywhere. Visual effect.
  • Leaf Tufts. Below the Bonecap Mushrooms. Visual effect.
  • Bonecap Mushroom. Left-center. It will be used in brewing.
  • Midnight Melon. Bottom-center. It will be used in brewing.
  • Saint's Herb. Top-right corner. It will be used in brewing.

Tile Resizing

I realized that the previous tile size was... a bit too large. So, I decided to resize all of the current tile textures from 64x64 to 32x32. Though a short-term loss, this will provide longer-term benefits such as:

  1. Less time per tile. If we're comparing by total pixels, this means a 75% increase in speed.
  2. Less tiles needed. Curiously, I found that the total tiles I needed for the main map reduced from 220 tiles to 160. This is largely due to needing less grass tiles for dirt pathways.
  3. More precision in map creation.

Besides resizing, I improved the look of many textures immensely, as you can see in the picture and video.

Version Compatibility

Every time I would change a game object's constructor, I would have to go into the raw map file and manually add, remove, or shift variables around. If I didn't, that object wouldn't be loaded properly. This approach works okay for a couple of objects, but maps can easily get up to thousands of the same object (E.G, flora). To solve this, I've added "Version Compatibility". Here is a step-by-step process:

  1. Files such as map data and player saves have a "Meta" tag appended to it. Inside this tag is the current version of the game.
  2. When the file is loaded, if the "file version" does not match the "current version", then the data is upgraded through each version.

You may be thinking "what does this do for me?". For the player, this should allow him or her to continue playing on the current save file even after updating the game. If you've played Starbound, you may remember having to restart every time a new update came around. For map creators, it means you shouldn't have to manually change your map files after every update. Hooray for everyone!

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy