Update #46 - New Flora & Flying Insects

Happy Friday, guys! Here are the minor changes:

  • Added two methods to VersionUpgrader: "ChangeVariable" and "AppendLine".
  • Flame Monuments now cost embers to ignite.
  • Repairing items now costs embers rather than various items.
  • Added two GameObjects: LoadMap and LedgeGravity.
  • Improved how GameObjects are parsed, making it easier to add new types.
  • Cleaned up GameObject.cs
  • Improved how GameObjects assign depth, greatly improving performance.


  • Brewer's Foot. A tall red flower found commonly in the Southern Lands. Primary ingredient.
  • Rising Dawn. A tall flowering plant, with petals colors resembling the sunrise. Secondary ingredient.
  • Saint's Herb. A tall plant with multiple white buds. Secondary ingredient.
  • Bonecap Mushroom. A large white mushroom which grows around graveyards and bone pits. Secondary ingredient.
  • Green Clover. A small green clover. Secondary ingredient.

Also, all of these ingredients can be brewed to make different potions. There are only five combinations so far, but there will be plenty more in the future.

Flying Insects

I'd encourage you to watch the videos. Besides butterflies, this can be used for plenty of other bugs, such as fireflies, bees, etc. Here are a few of the features laid out:

  • If an insect strays too far, it will return back home.
  • They can be harvested for a variety of ingredients.
  • Occassionally, you'll see them land on the ground for a certain period of time.
  • Neat little creatures that make the game feel more alive.

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy