Update #47 - Audio & Map Design

Good Friday! I'm back after a lengthy break and some important distractions. Here are the minor changes for these past few weeks:

  • Minor performance enhancements to some GameObject classes.
  • FlyingInsect objects now properly return home rather than spinning in circles when too far away.
  • Added a new GameObject, "SetFloor". Changes the floor of the entity inside the rectangle.
  • Made a spritesheet template generator program.
  • Changed UI "Artisan's Counter" to "Offerings".
  • Most offerings in the "Offerings" UI now can have an item and ember cost.
  • Changed UI "Soul Warping" to "Flame Warping".
  • Fixed a dumb coder error that caused the "draw area" to increase relative to camera distance from top-left corner. Big performance boost.
  • GameObjects can now have individual clipping margins.
  • Added a new GameObject, "WindAudio". SFX that is manipulated by the wind.
  • Fixed a small error with reading objects (line was parseName).
  • Fixed how the camera deals with small maps.
  • Resized temple interior tiles.
  • Added the ability for map makers to choose if the "Activation" object's trigger state is saved.


As you can hear in the video, I've added in wind-affected audio, which can be applied to any 2D SFX. This should work especially well with trees. Besides wind, I also completed the following sounds:

  • Smoldering Embers Retrieved
  • Smoldering Embers Idling
  • Flame Monument Ignition
  • Flame Monument Idling
  • Flame Monument Activation

Sadly, there still aren't any leaves on the trees here, so I'll have to wait to get some of those sounds.

Map Design

I added in two small maps to the game. One to the northwest, and the other is in the base of the tower.

This is the northwest map, whose entrance is somewhat hidden. It lacks an item or flower to make it this area special, but I'll add in something good!


The first floor of the tower. Perhaps there is something under this tower?

For next week, I have a bit of content in the works, such as entity animations and other sound effects. Truly, I only need to:

  • Add in more maps
  • Finish animations
  • Work on audio
  • Finish weapons and armor
  • Get some A.I. going

Other than various tasks, that's about it. I'm so close.

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Thank you for reading!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy