Update #49 - Improved Launcher & Object Artwork

Hey, I hope your week has been well. There aren't any minor changes this week, so let's get started.

Improved Launcher

I don't brag about myself often, but I have to say this is in the top tier of launchers. You may remember awhile ago that I already had a launcher for PoE. That's true, though it was about three-fourths complete and made in Windows Forms. I figured it wouldn't take me long to make a high quality launcher, and I was right.

There are currently five screens on the launcher:

  1. Launcher Updating (first screen). This will automatically install new launchers if there are any available. If you have limited data (as I do), don't worry. I doubt launcher updates will be more than 5MB, and will be uncommon.
  2. Authentication (second screen). When the alpha is sent out, each person will be given a username and key to validate they have access to the alpha. While you need internet to authenticate, this is merely to download the latest game version. You can click the "Skip" button below to play already downloaded versions.
  3. Launch (third screen). Here you can launch the selected version, read a summary of this version's changelog, and access two additional screens (four and five).
  4. Version Selection (fourth screen). You'll be able to select any uploaded version and download it to your computer. There's also an "Open Containing Folder" button for your convenience.
  5. About (fifth screen). Company logo, bio, and buttons that link to Enckling's website and my Patreon.

It's about 98% complete, and I still need to add in encryption/decryption and file downloading. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing this in use alongside my game, and am confident it'll be an excellent addition to the overall alpha experience.

Object Artwork

I did get some minor artwork completed, as shown above.

  • x3 Boards With Keys
  • x4 Wooden Shelves
  • x7 Book Stacks
  • x2 Temple Banners
  • x2 Iron Lantern

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Thank you for reading!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy