Update #50 - Rabbits & "Entered Area" Text

Hey, I hope you've been well. Today I'm celebrating a big milestone, as I reach the 50th weekly update! There's also some good content in here, befitting of a milestone. First, the minor changes:

  • Added cryptography to the launcher.
  • Added shortcuts to the launcher. Navigate screens super quickly with the arrow keys.
  • Added particles to launcher background, and while clicking.
  • Important design changes to skill naming and "magic" categories.
  • Merged EntityAnimation.cs with EntityState.cs, forming "AnimationState.cs".
  • More flexibility with entity spritesheets, including custom animation points and states.
  • Entity spritesheet states can now be read from a ".state" file.
  • Various tweaks to BaseEntity and NonPlayerEntity (such as tidying up and moving some code up).
  • Entity senses, loot, storage, and skills can now be read from a ".state" file.
  • Re-implemented Pathfinder.cs, and made into one instance rather than one per entity (for performance reasons).
  • Added DepthTile.cs, which will be used for more flexible tile positioning and rendering.
  • Minor fixes to starting a new game from the main menu.
  • Finalized the Classes, Starting Items, Pathway, & Birthplace sections in the "New Game" screen.
  • Important tweets by me will not automagically be posted to the #tweets channel on the Discord channel.
  • Finished "EnteredArea" font and added AreaText.cs, which will be used for informing the player the new area he has entered.


Intelligent life has come to Pilgrimage of Embers at last, in the form of small rabbits! They really help make the game feel more alive. They will hop around, glance, and make rabbit noises when there are no potential threats nearby. Once the player character gets too close, the rabbit will freak out, run in the opposite direction, and warn other nearby rabbits of the threat. If the player chases the rabbit too far and leaves, it make its way back home.

As pictured above, I have three different "skins" of the rabbit (pun intended). Other than looks, they have the same functionality (for now, atleast).

"Entered Area" Text

There is now have a smooth way of informing the player what map he has entered. Of course, this won't be put in every map, only the noteworthy ones.

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From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy