Update #51 - Inventory Improvements, Completed Maps, & New Assets

Hey! I hope you had a great week. Here are the minor changes:

  • Greatly improved location names.
  • Added location info to the website (enckling.com/locations).
  • Tweaked the map image to reflect above changes.
  • Improved code cleaniness and flexibility (specifically, SetReference methods).
  • Improved map and usable object lists, and their consistency.
  • Fixed the Magnifying Glass, and now you don't have to hold down the "Sneak" key. Move or use the item again to exit it.
  • Added a dynamic animation to SingleItem.cs (item on the ground). Scales and lerps!
  • GameObjects can now programatically self-destruct. Useful for removing temporary objects, such as after a dropped item has been retrieved.
  • Discovered why some objects jitter when the camera moves and others don't. It's better now!
  • Fixed flame monuments not appearing where they should.
  • Reduced the distance of interaction for flame monuments.
  • Improved flame monument texture.

Inventory Improvements

  • Merged the spellbook UI into a new inventory tab called "Scrolls". You can now equip scrolls in "Memory Slots", similar to how the spellbook UI worked.
  • Removed the "Dispose" item slot at the bottom-left corner of the inventory.
  • Moved all inventory equip slots up onto the actual UI rather than being on a separate section below it.
  • Updated all inventory tab icons.
  • Added smooth animations to the inventory tab buttons.
  • You can now drop items from your inventory onto the ground (littering, yay!).

Completed Maps

Inner Temple, First Floor

Inner Temple, First Floor

Inner Temple, Second Floor

Inner Temple, Second Floor

Inner Temple, Attic

Inner Temple, Attic

I'm happy with how well the attic worked out, considering I managed to make it without any additional assets. Eventually, I'll see how removing the roof entirely looks and replace it with wooden support beams (vertical and angled) with plenty of space between each.

New Assets

I did quite a bit of sound design this week, and I think the majority of it is done. Here's the assets:


  • x13 stone wall variants

Sound Effects:

  • x9 entity footsteps
  • x4 rabbit deaths
  • 1x tree leaves
  • 1x entered area gong
  • 2x consuming drink
  • 1x using essence
  • 2x water filling container
  • 1x river flowing
  • 1x temple interior
  • 1x use familiar fragment

I know I keep saying this, but I'm getting really close. I'm aiming the alpha to be released in mid-August (this is an internal objective, so don't tell anyone yet). My biggest obstacles before I'll feel comfortable enough to release are:

  1. Player and monster animations
  2. Monster AI
  3. Finish Sounds
  4. Music (at least one song)
  5. Weapons and armor

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Thank you for reading!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy