Update #52 - Completed Maps & Sound Effects

Hey, happy early-Independence Day to my American friends! My focus these past two weeks was on map design, and I got a lot done! Let's jump into the minor changes:

  • Added "SoundPlayer" class, used for conveniently and neatly playing sound by GameObjects / UIs.
  • SoundPlayer now works better... random sounds won't play when in the middle of nowhere.
  • Fixed a bug with the monuments that prevented either teleportation or rendering, and improved overall code neatness.
  • Resolved a bug that caused maps without wind to obliterate the audio until the program gets restarted.
  • Fixed a minor issue with ProximityRange trigger not locking.
  • Added water-based flora to the small river in the main map.
  • Fixed an error caused by scanning the map for pathfind generation more than once.
  • Fixed an error with adding MultiItem containers to the map.
  • Improved FadeImage, adding a min and max fade option.
  • Added TextObject game object, which allows text placement in-game.

Completed Maps

I'm happy to say I've completed all of the maps necessary for the alpha! Additionally, they now have a more "dramatic flow", rather than each map being accessible immediately as it was before. To prevent spoiling too much, the pictures below only show a glimpse of each new map.

Tutorial Map

Tutorial Map

This is the first map you will start in. Here you'll be shown some basic controls on how to interact with the game world and the user interface.

The tower's cellar, discovered from a fall...

The tower's cellar, discovered from a fall...

This map is directly below the tower, and is required to progress to the end.

The temple cellar.

The temple cellar.

Directly left of the tower cellar. the ladder leads back up to the surface behind the temple.

The final map, to the north...

The final map, to the north...

This is the final map, which has an item letting the player know they beat the alpha.

Sound Effects

I added in a few completed SFX from awhile ago. These include:

  1. Rabbit Footsteps

  2. Rabbit Screeching

  3. Potion Gulping

  4. Essence Us

  5. Familiar Fragment Use

  6. Shriekhorn Use

  7. Fill Bottle

  8. Empty Bottle

It's coming together! Audio really helps make the game feel more alive. As for what's left, there are still a few more to add, such as sword swooshes and clanks.

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Thank you for reading!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy