Update #55 - Alpha Release on February 1st!

Hey, welcome back! Yea, you read that right. The alpha release is coming, and in a little less than a week. Before I get to that, let's go over the minor changes for the week. This should be my new record too, which was around thirty changes and fixes in one week.

  • Added footstep SFX to player character.
  • Improved how SoundPlayer.cs sets sound position. Can be per SFX now, rather than attached to the GameObject's Position.
  • Slightly improved how AI is structured. This won't take effect until sometime after the alpha release.
  • Moved main menu UIs to better positions.
  • Improved how SoundPlayer.cs is structured.
  • Added SoundObject.cs for easy, customized SFX playing in levels.
  • Added lever and iron gate SFX to the game maps.
  • Fixed the camera not locking onto the player on load until he jumps. CameraDelay speed value was not set at beginning.
  • Made it so that withered/picked flowers would not be selectable by the player.
  • Changed "Harvest: Flying Insect" to "Murder: Flying Insect", so they drop dead rather than disappear. The butterflies don't have items to give yet, so this is temporary.
  • Added tree leaves SFX to all maps with trees and wind.
  • Added descriptions to every item. They will be improved some day, but good enough for alpha release.
  • Fixed a fatal error involving the player taking control of a creature, an invalid AI entity reference, and a barstool.
  • Added a number of rumors, which will help guide the player (or perhaps mislead?).
  • Since there won't be any monsters on release, rabbits now drop a bit more embers.
  • Hooked up the rumors to various actions and locations.
  • Improved item buttons so they can't be overwritten. This won't affect the user in any way.
  • Player classes have been improved, adding better names, descriptions, and items.
  • Placed all completed items in the game world, and removed all unfinished ones too. Yay!
  • Fixed an odd glitch that prevented rumors from being sent to notifications, but only sometimes. Weird issue with load order, dunno.
  • Updated Monument UI button names to reflect their UI counterparts.
  • Added stats to all armors (and a neat hat!).
  • Improved equipment comparison text slightly, showing the player if the new armor piece is better or worse (-/+).
  • Added a couple of skill requirements to various armors and weapons.
  • Fixed a fatal error caused by the player dying before ever resting at a flame monument. Now you will be put back where you started (tutorial map).
  • Fixed a game breaking mess-up that prevents the player from picking up any item ever.
  • The player can no longer activate flame monuments with any ember quantity. Changed temple monument cost to 100 embers.
  • Tweaked the selectable starting items in the New Game UI.
  • Changed all of the possible exchanges in the Offerings UI.
  • Fixed a glitch causing ores to smelt even after reaching 0 (infinite ingots).
  • Updated the following icons: iron ingot, silver ingot, gold ingot, common stone, riverrock.
  • Map data is now SAVED before loading a new map. Surprised I missed this until now!
  • Minor tweaks to the item reinforcement UI to make it more user friendly.

Alpha Release

After a couple of years in development, I'm comfortable enough to release the game for people to play it. While there is much to be done, I have some good content to keep you entertained. This includes reading item descriptions, exploring all areas, hunting some rabbits, picking flowers, brewing potions, doing offerings, smelting, etc. If I were to estimate total play time, those who want to just get through it can expect it to last a couple of minutes. Although, that effectively turns it into a walking simulator. The average user can expect to play the game between fifteen minutes to perhaps an hour.

The AI for the monster wasn't great, so I decided to skip any aggressive creatures on release. There are rabbits and butterflies, so there won't be any resistance. Another reason was I felt the combat needed to be redone, or perhaps simplified. Of course, you can't hunt rabbits without weapons, so there are still a few in-game.

I'll be releasing the alpha to everyone who signed up in groups. Sadly, I don't have experience in porting to Linux or Mac. Those of you who selected that OS will still be sent the alpha, but you'll have to find a computer with Windows first. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. I'll be setting up a separate page here with all the details you need to know about where to download, requirements, etc. If you missed the chance to sign up, you can still play by supporting me on Patreon.

The Friday immediately after, I'll do a blog post on how the alpha went, and possibly do a look back on the "pilgrimage" from start to finish. It might be as a video, putting together up old screenshots and game recordings. After all that, I'll see where I go. As I finished this up, I've been invigorated to work on this game so much more, though I may end up taking a short (or lengthy) break to work on small games, software, and engines for a strong portfolio.

February 1st comes soon!

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Thank you for reading!

From Enckling, with love.
Shyy Guy