Update #56 - Ashen 1.0.1, Environment Engine, & C# Libraries

Hey, welcome back. Before we start, I'll mention the minor revisions. Because I didn't want to do a section like this in the Meta post, some of them are from a week or two ago:

  • Verified skills have proper descriptions, and the unimplemented/partially implemented skills are marked.
  • Removed all skill icons, since it was just one icon for all of them.
  • Fixed the game launcher About section buttons, where clicking "Website" loads Patreon page, and Patreon button does nothing.
  • Reset usernames and keys. The original file went missing, so I had to randomly generate them again (and again)!
  • Added downloading and unzipping game files to the launcher. Almost forgot it...
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented players from starting the game from the launcher (excluding me for some reason!).
  • Set changelog.txt, versions.txt, users.txt, and uploaded to remove server.
  • Changed website background, adding a leather texture.
  • Underneath posts, changed "Comments" to "Remarks" and "Likes" to "Lauds".
  • Disabled the post "Sharing" button. I don't think anyone used it, and most people just copy the URL anyway.
  • Removed the "Guidelines" button on the Compeers page, replacing it with the text. It stopped working for some weird reason.


Ashen 1.0.1

This update was just bug fixes, some of which you guys reported!

  • The player can no longer walk past the map load trigger at the top-left corner of the main map.
  • Fixed the issue with repositioning UIs when changing resolution, and improved what positions some reset to.
  • Removed the well bucket from the game.
  • Fixed a map data saving issue. Chest items will remain until the player actually grabs them.
  • Chests will no longer self-destruct. I have no idea why I added that bit of code.
  • Temporarily patched an issue with how flora data is reloaded.

If you find any other oddities, please let me know here.

Environment Engine

Similar to how Pilgrimage of Embers wind works, except with another dimension (2D) and much more flexibility. I started this project sometime last week, and with good results. The features can be described by a tile's type:

Tile Type. A tile can be a regular wind tile (normal), a hole, a block, or a source.
a. Normal tiles transfer a portion of their energy and angle to other neighbouring tiles.
b. Hole tiles absorb any energy pushed into them.
c. Block tiles deflect any wind energy pushed into them, and neighbouring normal tiles will avoid them.
d. Source tiles have infinite energy, and cannot be influenced by other tiles. Works best on the corners.

This has multiple advantages over PoE's wind system. The most important one is the wind can interact with the game world. Imagine giving the player an item that produced large gusts of wind (gust jar, anyone?). Once wind has been completed and better optimized, I will add in support for other types of energy, such as thermal.

C# Libraries

I've started to take good code from Pilgrimage of Embers and put it into separate libraries. This will make it easier to use the code in other projects. So far, I only have the audio engine taken out. Next up is the particle engine, and I already started on the UI libriary last year which needs to be finished.


Years ago, I knew there had to be a better way to handle game object data using reflection and attributes. Now I'm happy to say it's close to completion. I will likely release it for others to make use of. It's probably similar in functionality to how JSON and XML serializes data, except with my own syntax. It has support for:

  • Easy Use. Add the [Serialize] attribute to a field or property and it will get included in the output.
  • Base Types. Supports all base types (int, string, etc.), with additional support for arrays. Lists and dictionaries planned.
  • Custom Types. You can code in custom serialize and parsing for any type. Tested with Vector2s and arrays of Vector2s.
  • Target. Variables can be targeted by adding a string to the attribute constructor.

There are other features I want to add in, such as parsing of lists and dictionaries among others.

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Thank you for reading!

From Enckling, with love.