Update #62 - Emberium Studios & Work Optimizer

Hello again! It's official: Enckling has been rebranded into Emberium. I'll delve into that after I mention the minor revisions.

  • Aeta UI: Added OnPositionMove event to Element.cs. Now, any element can become a container.
  • Aeta UI: Added HoldTickSpeed to RenderElement.cs. This allows On*Hold to be called at an interval rather than every tick.
  • Aeta UI: Fixed IsLocked for elements. Now the locked element won't change if the mouse hovers over a different element.
  • Website: In preparation for the rebranding, the website has been changed completely.
  • Website: Added a border image to every <div>.
  • Website: Fixed the social icons at the bottom of the page.
  • Website: Added a simple wavy css animation to the logo. May change or get removed.

Emberium Studios

Enckling is now known as Emberium! It's a refreshing change, and the new website overhaul and logo are incredible.

So, why the change? I had become tired of the original name. I was somewhat happy when I came up with it in late 2015, but over the years it just did not reflect who the company was anymore. And, in a large way, the company is me. As with a lot of my recent work, the new name is inspired by a type of metal from Pilgrimage of Embers called "emberite". Not only that, the new logo is a reimagined version of the old logo from the same game.

I'm still updating parts of the site, social accounts, etc., so I appreciate your patience. If you see an issue, please contact me through email or social media.

Work Optimizer


This is an old tool that has been re-coded into a smoother program. It's a tool to track how much time you're spending doing certain aspects of your work. It uses C#, MonoGame, Aeta UI and Frame. For now, it has similar features as the other clock program. You can add timers, rename them, output the day's work, modify the current time, and a few various features. The big change is that it can track not only how long you work in a day, but when you're working those timers. When I add in the statistics view, this will be a lot easier to visualize.


Some other features I'm planning to add:

  1. Statistics. This will allow the user to easily see his time for the year, month, day, date, day of week, etc.
  2. To-Do List. Control over your data, and integrated into statistics.
  3. Settings. Just a basic screen to allow the user to change things like tooltips and UI theme color.

If you want to download this tool and many others, consider becoming a patron. It's available to Nomad tier and up.

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Thank you for reading!
Soestae, Emberium