Update #64 - Merchantry Progress & Monument 1.1.0

Hello! How are you doing today? In this update, I’ll touch on the progress I’ve made on my new game project and Monument. Okay, let’s start with the minor changes:

  • Monument: Analytics functions again.

  • Monument: Mailing works... again. If you sent me an email through Monument in the past few months, I did not receive it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Monument: Updated the links in the about page from Enckling to Emberium.

  • Monument: Changed my avatar, added the new Emberium logo, and changed "Latest Posts" to "Emberium".

  • Monument: Opening a non-exe download now goes to the expected folder.

  • Monument: Buttons are now properly positioned after loading the library.

  • Monument: Posts on the About screen are functioning again, now loading from a text files rather than Squarespace. More work, but more flexibility.

  • Aeta UI: Added StretchBoxElement. For images that need to stretch without losing corner quality.

Monument 1.1.0

The improved About page in Monument.

The improved About page in Monument.

To all of my Patrons, I’ve released an update for Monument which fixes a lot of bugs, replaces previously broken features, and some nifty stuff on the About screen. To not break from the typical post format, I’ve listed all the minor changes in the section above.

When launching Monument online, it should auto-update. If it does not, you can download it from here. If there are other issues, please let me know.

Merchantry Progress

So, what the heck have I been doing on this project these past few weeks? I’ve taken a break from item icons, done some UI asset design, and focused more on coding the foundation of the game. First, I’d like to show off some more of the icons I made earlier. They’ve got an fairly awesome style!


Above, you’ll see (mostly) iron tools. A pickaxe, wooden arrow, lockpick, dagger, axe (or hatchet), iron arrow, longsword, and round shield. The other stuff were particle effects I was experimenting with. The other images is foods I was experimenting with.

The great part of this style is it’s so much more efficient, and still looks great. In Pilgrimage of Embers, I put a lot of detail into my icons, which meant most icons took between 30 to 60 minutes each. In this new project, each icon uses between 3 and 7 colors, and take between 10 to 15 minutes each.


Since we’re still talking about art, here are some of the UI assets! Similar to the icons, the interface textures have a simple but effective look. With a timber and rope theme, it goes well in a game about crafting and trading.

Alright, let’s talk about how the code is going. I’ll list all of the features so far in Merchantry:

  • Camera. It’s fairly smooth, and works well. I may need to add some additional details.

  • Calendar. An incremental system, primarily used for scheduling game events.

WorldObject. Objects in the game world derive from this:

  • Scaling and rotation. The “formula” that decides how it scales and rotates can be easily replaced (lerp, smooth lerp, loose, etc).

  • ObjectStats. Level, experience, and professions. Partially complete.

  • ObjectMemory. Short and long term. Useful for characters.

  • ObjectAnimation. A short and powerful class for full control over a texture’s animation.

  • ObjectStorage. A class used by WorldObjects to hold items. It is used directly by the inventory UI.

ItemObject. Used by UIs:

  • Basic meta. ID (string, not int), name, description, texture icon, quantity, worth, tab (enum).

  • Attributes. Keywords that modify item worth. “Damaged”, “Cursed”, “Flame Enchant”, etc.

  • Quality. An enum value as either low, medium, or high. Boosts item worth.

  • Efficient stacking. Items are added to a Dictionary with ID plus stats (quality, attributes, etc) as its key. This makes it really easy for the game to decide if the item being added can merge into an old stack (increase quantity) or needs a new one.


  • Base UI. A simple class that has some of the standard features set up, such as the border, title bar, background texture, and masking. All other UIs should derive from this class.

  • Inventory UI. See video above. Currently re-writing parts of it, but coming along well.

Final Words

Current Goals: Inventory UI, character art style.
Future Goals: Crafting UI, Pause UI (simple overlay), Escape Key UI. Simple character textures (pre-alpha), game world textures.

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Soestae, Emberium