Update #65 - Merchantry Inventory & Aeta Improvements

Hello, how are you? So, I’m doing something a little different… just this once. All changes related to Merchantry will be placed under the Merchantry section, and likewise for Aeta UI.

Merchantry Inventory

The inventory for Merchantry is in a very functional state, and I’m extraordinarily satisfied with how it’s structured. There are small changes I’ll make later, such as more information to the tooltip layout, various display icons for items, and finishing the tab icons. As stated in the intro, here are the minor changes to Merchantry:

  • Merchantry: Completely changed how the inventory data is handled. Much more reliable!

  • Merchantry: Renamed ItemObject's "Attributes" to "Enchants".

  • Merchantry: Added "Attributes" to ItemObject, meta data for characters and other situations.

  • Merchantry: Added an advanced tooltip UI. The inventory uses this very well!

  • Merchantry: Added EnchantAssets.cs and ItemAssets.cs. These contain items and enchantments for copying.

  • Merchantry: Fixed an issue with ItemObject's RandomID not using a properly seeded Random, thus ruining everything.

  • Merchantry: Fixed a mistake that caused the consumables and resources tabs to be interlinked.

  • Merchantry: Items can now be dragged out of the inventory.

  • Merchantry: Added icons to the tabs [2/5].

  • Merchantry: Fixed a lot of issues with the current font. Much nicer!

Aeta Improvements


Since release, I’ve made a large number of improvements to the Aeta UI library. I was very happy with how useful this library was on release, and with more improvements and fixes I get happier. I won’t list all of the changes since version 1.0 here, but I will soon.

Anyway, here’s the reason why Aeta has it’s own section. When I’ve got a bit more of the library worked out, I’ll post Aeta 1.1 in the next week or two.

  • Aeta UI: The size of an interface can now be easily changed through SetSize() or setting Size directly.

  • Aeta UI: To keep elements from jittering, some vectors have been converted from floats to integers.

  • Aeta UI: Elements now use their UI's ActionQueue rather than creating their own. Less memory usage, and more reliable when modifying the element's dictionary.

  • Aeta UI: Improved the method for keeping user interfaces inside the screen.

  • Aeta UI: Renamed variables in Camera.cs: LookAt() to Focus(), ForceLookAt() to ForceFocus(), DelaySpeed to MoveSpeed, WorldToScreen() to ToScreen(), ScreenToWorld to ToWorld(), Zoom* to Scale*.

  • Aeta UI: Improved how the Camera's scale interpolation is handled. It now behaves very similar to movement.

  • Aeta UI: Added another dimension to the Camera's scale, allowing vertical and horizontal stretching. More freedom!

  • Aeta UI: Removed the parallax vector parameter in Camera's View() method.

  • Aeta UI: Improved the Camera's IsOnScreen() method.

  • Aeta UI: Fixed a critical error inside a method that checked if the mouse was inside any maximized UIs. Caused by an invalid conversion.

Final Words

Current Goals: Crafting UI, game world textures and code, character art style.
Future Goals: Pause UI (simple overlay), Escape key UI, Message UI. Simple character textures (pre-alpha).

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Thank you for reading!
Soestae, Emberium