Update #69 - Message UI & New Textures

Hello! I hope you’ve been doing well. Even though I took a couple of days off around Thanksgiving, I got a lot done in the past couple of days. First, here are the minor changes:

  • Merchantry: Added "IsEnabled" to shapes. Disabled shapes don’t intersect.

  • Merchantry: Added string Group to shapes. Any two shapes of the same group can intersect.

  • Merchantry: Crafting the same recipe multiple times without removing the output items will now add to the stack. If different output item or max stack, it gets spit out into the game world.

  • Merchantry: Clicking an item on the player will add it to his storage, showing up in the inventory UI.

  • Merchantry: WorldItem is now compliant with LeftClick() standards.

  • Merchantry: The selected object's LeftClick(), RightClick(), and ItemClick() methods are now ignored when the mouse is inside a UI.

  • Merchantry: Crafting an item takes time, and can be queued by clicking the craft button multiple times.

  • Merchantry: Added right click events to world UI elements.

  • Merchantry: Now you can decrease the crafting queue count by right-clicking the craft button.

  • Merchantry: Context UI supports infinite options.

  • Merchantry: Storage objects can be emptied via Context UI.

  • Merchantry: UI click detection functions, and the inventory tabs and BaseUI titlebar have click detection.

  • Merchantry: The game stops when the window is inactive.

  • Merchantry: Added a currency item.

  • Aeta UI: Added key and mouse control delaying to Controls.cs.

  • Aeta UI: Removed the control delaying from UserInterface.cs.

  • Aeta UI: InterfaceManager.cs now passes its Controls instance to added UIs.

  • Merchantry: Added LayerObject, allowing layers to have WorldObject functionality.

Message UI

The Message UI is a multi-purpose screen for displaying character dialogue, random events, or system messages. You can see the first of these in the video above.

Each message packet can contain a custom icon, title, subtitle, description, and unlimited button options.

New Textures


The picture above contains most of the art assets completed this week. I’m very happy with how they all look!


  • Wooden fences (16 tiles)

  • House (42 tiles)

  • Stone paths (22 tiles)


  • Flowers (3 textures)

  • Mailbox

  • Signs (3 textures)


  • Token (currency)

  • Coal

Also, here’s a video of a bouncing house. It uses a tile layer and is attached to a LayerObject. This gives it similar functionality as a regular world object. Once I make some changes to collision physics, the house can be allowed to be pushed by other game objects.

Current Goals: A few more object and tile textures, character code, pathfinding, crafting recipes.
Future Goals: Pause UI (simple overlay), escape key UI.

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Soestae, Emberium