Update #71 - Recipe Book, Flora, & Pigs

Hello again. It’s the first update of 2019! How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Merchantry: Improved some world UI code.

  • Merchantry: Added some depth to iron tools.

  • Website: Reverted back to standard theme.

  • Website: Added "Steam Group" block to the Community page.

  • Website: Reduced logo size significantly. The website should load a bit faster now.

  • Merchantry: Added dust to books.

  • Merchantry: Changed transition from fade to panel sliding.

  • Merchantry: Added a temporary vignette.

  • Extensions: Moved extensions and helper classes into a new class library. Merchantry and Aeta UI both use this .dll.

  • Aeta UI: Renamed Offset (and subsequent variables) to Position. Also, positioning now uses the SmoothVector class.

  • Merchantry: If an item has been crafted, hovering over the craft button will display a tooltip with the recipe name.

  • Merchantry: Player will approach each object he uses.

  • Aeta UI: SmoothFloat's Interpolation variable is set to null when it's Result variable is set.

  • Merchantry: Added a "Take All" button to storage objects.

  • Merchantry: Removed the restriction which prevented the tooltip from displaying when an item is being dragged.

  • Merchantry: ObjectMemory now uses tags as a key instead of a single string.

Recipe Book

The recipe book will likely be temporary for the alpha release. However, the book isn’t hardcoded for recipes, so I can add anything to any page. The video above is a good demonstration.



The flowers have been in here previously, but the tree stump and grasses are new. I’ve been attempting to get a tree texture right, and may not be added before the alpha release. For now, it’s kind of low priority.



I added some cute little creatures! I call them gorgers, both in code and game. They were inspired by the pigs seen in Wind Waker (see below).


They have a basic AI, wandering around town. If one strays too far from home (starting position), he will make his way back. I might make them scurry away from characters, and will certainly make feeding them a special item have a special outcome.

Current Goals: Character code, events, buying and selling, polishing details.
Future Goals: Alpha release.

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Soestae, Emberium