Update #72 - Events & Merchant

Hey, I hope you’ve been well. Here are the latest changes:

  • Merchantry: Removed clickboxes from tooltip UI.

  • Merchantry: Fixed the flickering glitch caused by texture atlas bleeding. It's a really primitive solution, but it works I guess.

  • Merchantry: Ground tile layer has been extended slightly to accomodate 1920x1080 screens.

  • Merchantry: Added springflowers.

  • Merchantry: Added code for random bird events.

  • Merchantry: Added Feather, Stone Arrow, and Iron Arrow.

  • Merchantry: Added crafting recipes for arrows.

  • Merchantry: Gorgers now dig for items, either when fed gorger chow or occasionally after wandering.

  • Merchantry: Finished adding simple descriptions to items.

  • Merchantry: Gorger Chow can now be emptied.

  • Merchantry: Changed gorger chow icon from a bottle to bait.



Some of these are planned events, while others are random:

Starting Event. Introduces you to your surroundings and how you got there.
Stranger Event. A cloaked figure peeking around the corner.
Bird Event. A flock of birds will pass by the town. Click on them to make them drop items.



Sproule is a frog-like fellow from Lake Oro. Despite lacking the townsfolk’s trust, he travels to the nearby hamlet to sell his wares anyway.

Sproule will arrive in Oro shortly after the player starts the game. Interacting with him will give the player the option to talk or buy his wares. Initially, his stock is limited and in short supply. Purchasing increases his happiness, which improves the items he stocks, restock tolerance, and dialogue mood. When Sproule’s stock drops below his restock tolerance, he’ll leave to get more wares. Here is a list of items Sproule can stock:

  • Stick, max of 10.

  • Stone, 10.

  • String, 5.

  • Feather, 3.

  • Gorger Chow, 3.

  • Iron Ingot, 5.

Sproule will always have a supply of sticks and stones, while the rest is randomized.

Current Goals: Events (if any), selling, polishing.
Future Goals: Alpha release.

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