Update #73 - Market, Notifications, & Stampedes

Hello again, I hope you’re doing well. I’m very close to the alpha release, so watch for it soon! Here are the minor changes:

  • Merchantry: Split items from the same stack no longer merge when being added to a UI object.

  • Merchantry: Your currency no longer disappears from your inventory when buying from Sproule.

  • Merchantry: After running out of stock, Sproule may buy wares from your stall. Visit percentage scales with happiness (up to 30%).

  • Merchantry: Added Fishing Rod and recipe, and changed Gorger Chow name to Common Bait.

  • Merchantry: Characters passing by may purchase items from the player's stall.

  • Merchantry: Sproule will leave to get new wares if the user doesn't interact with him for awhile.

  • Merchantry: Hovering over a customer displays their profession.

  • Merchantry: Added characters that will pass through the town instead of buying from the player.



Characters will randomly come to your stall to purchase items. As the game progresses, more will stop by. Each customer has their own profession, so it’s wise to sell on a variety of tools for wider appeal. Here’s what each one buys:

  • Farmer. Common bait, stone axe, stone spade.

  • Builder. Stone hammer, iron hammer, stick, stone.

  • Woodsman. Iron axe, wooden bow, ironn bow, stone arrow, iron arrow.

  • Traveller. Stone cudgel, iron dagger, iron longsword, stone arrow, iron arrow.

  • Fighter. Iron dagger, iron longsword, iron bow, iron arrow.

  • Artisan. Stick, stone, string, feather, iron ore, iron ingot.

  • Miner. Stone axe, stone pickaxe, stone spade, iron pickaxe, iron spade.

  • Fisher. Fishig rod, common bait, string, feather.

I will add in-depth selling eventually, such as haggling. However, this will do for the alpha release.



This is a simple UI that provides the player with short but important information. It will tell the player what customers have purchased from your stall, when a stampede is coming, when birds approach, and if Sproule returns.


Every now and then, a stampede of gorgers will make their way through the town. As they trample through, stones and iron ore may appear in their trail.

Current Goals: Polishing.
Future Goals: Alpha release.

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