Update #74 - Merchantry Alpha 1.0.0 & Patreon Changes

Hello! I’ve finally release Merchantry. Before we get into that, here are the minor changes:

  • Merchantry: Some recipes may take longer to craft.

  • Merchantry: Removed the "Take All" button from Sproule's stall, preventing you from stealing all of his wares.

  • Merchantry: Added prices to markets. This includes your stall and Sproule's.

  • Merchantry: Added a secret, craftable item. You won't find it in the recipe book.

  • Merchantry: Sproule now accepts gifts.

  • Merchantry: Adjusted customer display name height.

  • Merchantry: Finished the What's Next? section in Info.

  • Merchantry: Fixed notification icon positioning.

  • Merchantry: The stranger will leave if ignored for too long.

  • Merchantry: Tooltip no longer shows last result from world when in inventory.

  • Merchantry: The Inventory stays in focus when the player clicks in game world.

  • Merchantry: Added simple control tutorial through notification system.

  • Merchantry: The "Exit", "Info", "Controls", and opening event pause the game.

  • Merchantry: Resolution now adjusts automatically, and the game starts in fullscreen.

  • Website: Finished the webpage for Merchantry.

  • Code Library: Started a new code library called "Fluid Dynamics".

  • Aeta UI: Merged RenderElement with Element.

  • Aeta UI: Added X and Y axis variables to Element.

Merchantry Alpha 1.0.0

If you didn’t hear the announcement, I’ve released Merchantry for public testing and feedback! You can download it completely free on the Merchantry webpage.


Depending on the early alpha's reception, I will either keep updating the game or move on to something else. Here’s my current vision for the future of Merchantry.

  • ATMOSPHERE. Weather, wind, temperature, dynamic shadows, day and night cycle, sounds, and music.

  • GAMEPLAY. Energy, improved trading, more dialogue, examine items for narrative descriptions.

  • USER INTERFACES. Tile editor, object editor, main menu, overhauled inventory.

  • WORLDBUILDING. More characters, events, locations, items, and an economy.

  • PROFESSIONS. Apothecary, blacksmith, sage, baker, clothier, wordsmith. Most will have a specific crafting UI.

  • CUSTOMIZE. Player appearance, starting profession, etc.

Patreon Changes


I've completely redone my Patreon page's layout, and removed Monument from everything related (temporarily -- or perhaps permanently). I want future patrons to feel like they are supporting my work, as opposed to donating for access to it.

Tier rewards are different now, focusing on meta-content such as behind the scenes videos and images. Initially, this will be two categories. Artwork, where I’ll do timelapse and aesthetic breakdown videos. Code, where I’ll do videos that highlight features, and in-depth guides on how I do certain things.

Besides the meta, I will likely release content (games, software, etc.) to Patrons first, and then delay the public release by two weeks or more. Additionally, tiers and Discord roles have been changed from to Level One, Level Two, Level Three.

If you like what I do and want access to behind-the-scenes content, please consider becoming a patron.

Current Goals: Promote Merchantry, implement feedback, various small coding projects, create meta-content.
Future Goals: Long-term? To be decided.

If you have any support, ideas, constructive criticism, or just want to tell me how much you dislike my creations, you can:

  1. Send me an email.

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  3. Gab to @Soestae.

  4. Toot to @Soestae.

  5. Comment below.

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Thank you for reading.
Soestae, Emberium