Update #75 - New Textures & Backpack UI

Hello, I hope you’re doing well. Here are the minor changes:

  • Aeta UI: Elements can be relatively positioned to other elements with SnapExterior and SnapInterior.

  • Aeta UI: Moved Camera, KeyInput, and Controls to a common code library.

  • Extensions: Copied a lot of code from Aeta UI and Merchantry into a common code library.

  • Extensions: Added KeyframeAnimator.

  • Extensions: Added height to shapes.

  • Aeta UI: CheckboxElement has been greatly improved.

  • Aeta UI: Removed AnimatedCheckboxElement, AnimatedButtonElement, and AnimatedImageElement.

  • Aeta UI: Added SnapCircular to Element, which allows an element to be snapped to another element's circular edge.

  • Merchantry: Pressing the escape key will briefly display the top-right menu.

  • Merchantry: Replaced the "notification tutorial" with the Controls message, which pops up shortly after the first event.

  • Merchantry: Customers will no longer endlessly spawn when the game is paused.

  • Merchantry: UI objects will display a tooltip with their name.

  • Merchantry: 1920x1080 monitors can no longer see the map edge when talking to Sproule.

  • Merchantry: Object selection now makes use of ObjectShape.

  • Merchantry: Gorgers will no longer show they can be selected unless the player is holding an item.

  • Merchantry: Version 1.0.1 released, fixing multiple bugfixes.

  • Aeta UI: Replaced all Align*() methods with SetOrigin(). This works as percentages.

  • Aeta UI: Fixed an issue with SetHoverBoxCheck(Point ...) ignoring depth.

  • Aeta UI: Elements now render in the proper order.

  • Aeta UI: Setting an element's render order updates the UI's sorted list. Removed most other SortRender() calls.

  • Extensions: SmoothColor now accepts an actual color for SetLoose(color) instead of a float.

  • Merchantry: When the backpack is closed, world items will deposit directly into the player's storage.

  • Merchantry: Moved notifications from bottom-right to top-left.

New Textures


I've completely changed the UI textures. There isn’t much I can say here that the picture doesn’t already. The previous textures lacked contrast and style, so this is a huge improvement.

Backpack UI

The inventory has been completely replaced by what I call the backpack. I planned to overhaul the inventory after the alpha release, and I finally prototyped a the best possible version. There were multiple issues with the old inventory, with the biggest being a lot of repetitive actions. Dragging and dropping items to and from the inventory slowly but certainly became tedious. It just wasn’t a smooth gameplay function.

The new backpack changes that. Items can be efficiently selected by mouse or keyboard (and gamepad, soon), and then selected item can be grabbed for use in the world. With the backpack closed, items in the world can be quickly pocketed with a click. When it’s open, the item will be grabbed instead. Similar to the inventory, the backpack has tabs. These are the same as before, but with one addition: the furniture tab. This will be for placeable items like crafting tables, anvils, item shelves, barrels, and more. Each tab has a maximum slot count, which will promote use of storage furniture.

Current Goals: Release Aeta UI, tile editor.
Future Goals: Implement saving, create meta-content.

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Soestae, Emberium