Update #76 - Editor Progress & Animal Textures

Hello again, I hope your week was good. Here are the minor changes:

  • Aeta UI: Renamed ControlType to ControlTypes in UserInterface, and added OnControlsChange event.

  • Aeta UI: ImageElement's SnapSize now calculates from Source instead of the texture's width and height.

  • Aeta UI: ImageElement's SetOrigin now calculates from Source instead of Texture.

  • Merchantry: Added item buttons to the top of the backpack.

  • Aeta UI: Fixed an issue which caused removed elements to keep rendering.

  • Aeta UI: Added proper scaling to SetHoverBoxCheck().

Editor Progress

I’ve made a lot of progress on the tile editor. The Layers UI is for adding new layers, removing layers, hiding layers, and selecting what layer you will be editing. The Tile Viewer UI is for adding new tilesets, removing tilesets, and most importantly, selecting what tileset and tile you’ll place. You can see both of these in the video above.

I’ve considered how nice it would be to have auto-tiling, and I hope to add that function soon. It’s lower priority on the to-do list though.

Animal Textures

I felt inspired yesterday to draw some animals. It was good timing, since I needed a creative outlet and a break from coding. I added the pig in the second picture for size reference.


I recorded myself drawing these guys, too. I’ll edit it into a timelapse soon and release it for Patrons.

Current Goals: Finish tile editor, release Aeta UI.
Future Goals: Implement saving, create meta-content.

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Soestae, Emberium