Yearly Review - 2018

Hello! I hope you had an excellent 2018, and I’m wishing you a great new year. In this post, I’ll discuss the highlights of 2018. Let’s go!

The Year

I started out on strong footing with the release of the Pilgrimage of Embers’ alpha, which allowed myself to choose to move on to other projects. Following that, I set up a Patreon page and created Monument. To help with future projects, I compiled two important code libraries: one for user interfaces, and a simple particle engine. I’ve made extensive use of the UI library.


Later in the year, I rebranded from Enckling Games to Emberium Studios. I’m much happier with the name, and the changed logo and website which followed it. Then I announced a new project, codenamed Merchantry. Here are some noteworthy features:

  • Tile, item, object, and interface textures.

  • Simple crafting system.

  • Inventory, context, and dialogue interfaces.

  • Pathfinding & AI.

If you haven’t seen it yet, some screenshots are posted below.


Lastly, here are some fun stats I gathered from the year:

  • Devlog Updates - 18

  • Minor Changes - 268

  • Tweets (#update) - 163

  • Lines of Code - 15,503

What’s Next?

I’m planning to put Monument off to the side for now. I’ll upload content directly to Patreon, which I hope will make it more appealing to future patrons. The software still works great, so I can switch back if necessary.

I’d like to make some more code libraries. It’s really satisfying to complete something, and then be able to use it. I’m still planning to add in the editor for Aeta UI, allowing the coder to position all of the elements while the program is running. I would like to go back to the wind simulation I started earlier this year, improve and expand it.

For my game project, I’m getting close to an alpha release. Here’s my current to-do list:


  • Characters. Add randomized daily routines. Sounds small, but it’ll take some time.

  • Events. Random and scheduled events.

  • Flora & Fauna. Add in trees and the cardinal.

  • Cycle. A temporary screen fade to represent a transition from day to night.

  • Tutorial. Simple tutorial for the player.

  • Outro. A blank screen containing what’s next, social links, website info, company name, etc.


  • Overhaul Inventory. “But you just did the inventory?!”. I know, but this will be a much better design. It’ll be similar to a blend between Slime Rancher and Stardew Valley, but still keeping my tab-system. Limited space (twelve per tab, five tabs), so world storage containers aren’t just for decoration anymore.

  • Atmosphere. Weather, wind, night/day, shadows, sounds. Maybe even temperature.

  • Energy. Crafting objects consumes energy, sleeping replenishes it.

  • Game Editor. An in-game tile/object editor for my sanity.

  • Worldbuilding. New characters, new events, .

  • Economy. It’s a capitalist game — this is mandatory.

  • Professions. Apothecary, blacksmith, sage, baker, clothier, wordsmith. Most (or all) of these will use their own world UI (e.g. blacksmith has furnace and anvil).

  • Customizable Player. Textures, backstories, starting class, etc. Probably some hats.

Final Words

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Thank you for reading.
Soestae, Emberium