Project Merchantry

Project Merchantry is a game about crafting, trading, and character dialogue. Inspired by aspects from Recettear and Sorcery!, it’s about the experience of a nameless merchant. As I add in more atmosphere, interesting characters, fun ways to create items, and unique gameplay mechanics, I hope to emphasis the journey over the destination.

The artstyle is intended to be cartoony stickers. I was partially inspired by Paper Mario for this aesthetic, while carving my own path by adding thick white outlines. Due to some limitations, tiles such as houses and fences do not have this outline. I will switch to shader-based outlines to fix this someday.



What’s Next

Depending on the early alpha's reception, I will either keep updating the game or move on to something else. Here’s my current vision for the future of Merchantry.

  • ATMOSPHERE. Weather, wind, temperature, dynamic shadows, day and night cycle, sounds, and music.

  • GAMEPLAY. Energy, improved trading, more dialogue, examine items for narrative descriptions.

  • USER INTERFACES. Tile editor, object editor, main menu, overhauled inventory.

  • WORLDBUILDING. More characters, events, locations, items, and an economy.

  • PROFESSIONS. Apothecary, blacksmith, sage, baker, clothier, wordsmith. Most will have a specific crafting UI.

  • CUSTOMIZE. Player appearance, starting profession, etc.


Basic installation.

  1. Download the file below.

  2. Extract the .zip file to any folder.

  3. Launch with Merchantry.exe.

Requirements and additional info.

  1. Needs Windows operating system. I use 10, but it should run just fine on 8 and 7.

  2. You should not need to install anything extra. It comes with all of the necessary .dll files to run.

  3. Very low RAM and medium CPU needs. Most computers should have no problem running my game. Of course, if you’re experiencing lag, let me know (alongside your computer’s specifications).

  4. Currently, my game does not support resolutions greater than 1920x1080. This is intentional due to the map layout just barely exceeding that resolution, so anything higher would start to see where the map ends.

  5. There is no sound in my game yet. I’m saying this so you don’t spend time trying to get audio to work.


Let me know what you think of Merchantry by contacting me through the methods listed below:

  1. Send me an email.

  2. Tweet to @Soestae.

  3. Gab to @Soestae.

  4. Toot to @Soestae.

  5. Comment below.

If you enjoyed Merchantry and want to help, you can:

  1. Become a Patron here.

  2. Tell your friends and family about my projects.

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