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    1. Be a good person, use Monument as it was intended.
        a. Don't share your Monument user account.
        b. Don't transfer, distribute, modify, reverse enginer, decompile, or disassemble Monument.
    2. Data collection: what and why.
        a. For complete transparency, data sent is output to files when Monument is used.
            These include info.html,, and sometimes draft.txt used for mailing. If I
            wouldn't be comfortable showing you what data I'm collecting, then I shouldn't
            be collecting it.
        b. This data is collected to make sure you aren't breaking this EULA, and to know what
            our users are downloading and playing so we can focus on that content more.
        c. We won't sell any of your data, even if we replace the identifying parts. We won't
            redistribute any data that can be identified as your data. We may aggregate all user
            statistics to make nifty charts and graphs, and post about it on social media and our
    3. Consequences.
        a. If you break any of the below terms, your account may be restricted.
        b. If you advertise or spam through mail, we may revoke your account's ability to send mail.
        c. You won't get a statement why in Monument, but if you contact me I may explain further.
        d. Legal consequences, etc.

This document may be added to or have parts removed by Enckling LLC. If you have a user account
with Monument, we will notify you of any changes made.

The above section is a simplification of the EULA, and should not be interpretted as a legal document.

Online Version:
Date Modified: 2018-05-04
Version: 1.1

End User License Agreement

Read these terms and conditions carefully before copying, downloading, or using this software.

This end user license agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between the company ("Enckling LLC")
and you (individual or single entity "You") for this software which includes, but is not limited to,
any images, .xnb files, .data files, .exe files, or other such content used directly by this
software (collectively known as "Monument").

By copying, downloading, or using Monument, you acknowledge that you have read this EULA and agree
to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of this EULA, do not use Monument.

1. License.
    a. Enckling LLC gives you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use Monument.
    b. Enckling LLC keeps all property rights to Monument and all of its copies.
    c. Monument is licensed to you for non-commercial use. Your license does not grant you a title or
        ownership of Monument, and should not be interpreted as any sale of any rights to Monument.
    d. You may not transfer, distribute, rent, sub-license or lease Monument.
    e. You agree to not modify, attempt to reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble Monument.
    g. You agree to not share your user account given to you by Enckling LLC with other individuals or entities.
    f. All rights not expressly given to you under this EULA are reserved by Enckling LLC.
2. No Warranty.
    a. Monument is licensed "as is". You agree that use of Monument is at your own risk.
    b. Enckling LLC provides no express warranties, guarantees or condictions.
3. Limitation of Liability.
    a. You acknowledge and agree that Enckling LLC will not be liable for any action by Enckling LLC in
        regards to communication, conduct or content of Monument.
    b. Enckling LLC will not be liable for any damages resulting from Monument, even if advised of
        the possibility of damages.
    c. In states that do not allow limitation of liability for certain damages, Enckling LLC's liability is
        limited to the extent permitted by law.

5. Data Collection.
    a. You agree to allow Monument to generate, collect, and transmit data to Enckling LLC.
        Data is collected to ensure compliance with this EULA and improve your experience
        with Monument. Data may include technical information about your computer, randomly
        generated unique identifier, mail sent from Monument, and statistics on downloads and
        programs launched through Monument. Most data is output to text files for you to view
        when Monument is started.
    b. Enckling LLC agrees not to sell your data or redistribute data to any third parties that can
        be identified as your data.
4. Termination.
    a. Your right to use Monument may terminate without notice from Enckling LLC if you do not
        comply with any section of this EULA.
    b. Your user account given to you by Enckling LLC to access parts of Monument may be
        restricted without explanation.
    c. Your user account's ability to send mail may be disabled without explanation.