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Operating System: Windows.
Memory: 128MB.
Storage: Launcher is less than 15MB.
GPU: 512MB memory with pixel shader 3.0.
CPU: 2GHz (likely less).
Software: .NET Framework 4.5.2
Internet: Required for downloading.


1. Download Monument and extract the .zip file.
2. Run the .exe file. If issues occur, try launching as administrator.
3. Enter your provided username and key. This is only required for downloading.


The launcher doesn't start. Make sure you have .NET 4.5.2, your antivirus hasn't quarantined any files, and the .zip downloaded properly.

I can't login. Make sure your internet is working, and Monument is allowed through your firewall. Check your username and key spelling. Both are case-sensitive.

Can I use this offline? Absolutely. Of course, you need to download the content first.

How long until I receive a username and key? Once you've become a Patron, you will be sent a username and key once your payment has been processed (typically at the end of a month). This is to prevent users from downloading and dropping. Keep an eye on your Patreon message box or email.

Can I change my username or password? Yes! Usernames can be anything you want (within a-z and 0-9). Passwords absolutely must be a unique key, used only with Monument. This is because I have to enter it manually.

If you have a suggestion, comment, complaint, or need help, please contact me. If you have an account, you can message me directly.

By downloading, using, or copying Monument, you agree to Monument's End-User License Agreement.