Yes... the Pilgrimage of Embers. A foregone journey to reinforce your flame and cleanse your mind. I weep for he or she whom might take this burden in this age, as they never travel far enough. Even if the pilgrimage is seen to its end, they will be changed.
— Eara of the Friars


'Pilgrimage of Embers' is a 2D dark-fantasy action role-playing game currently being developed in C# and MonoGame. I'm taking bits of inspiration from 'Dark Souls', 'Dragon's Dogma', 'Skyrim', and whatever game I'm currently playing. There are other minor influences from a variety of cultures, including some Nordic and Celtic folklore and the Middle English language.

After the game engine is finished and refined to the degree that I am satisfied with, I will use time to create a map for the alpha testers to showcase most of the game features. The alpha will be continually updated for the alpha testers.


  • Over fifty major locations planned, including six dungeons and more than fifteen forsaken cities and villages
  • Twelve useful skills, from Concealment to Awareness, Agility to Archery
  • Choose your 'Birthplace' and 'Class'
  • Immersive lore and characters
  • Unique combat and magic system
  • Extensive map creation tools
  • Planned online co-op and modding*

* Features I would love to add in provided I have the technical skill to accomplish it



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