Races & Factions

Major Races

  • Humans. The largely dominant race of Arisonte, or at least were at one point.
  • Ridgics. A mountain hobbit race that dwell under the Stormridge. If touched by the sunlight, they will turn to stone. The moon's light softly burns their skin.
  • Reborn Ridgics. A mountain hobbit race that are visually the same as Ridgics, but were granted resistance to the sun's killing effect. They once dwelled on top of the Stormridge.
  • Glimians. A race closely related to the Reborn Ridgics, but have difficulty breathing thinner mountain air. They live by valleys and forests on the inside of tree trunks and small caves, and occassionally underneath trees.
  • Gnarls. A race of pale humanoids with curved backs. They are divided into tribes that are scattered throughout Arisonte and Trothere. While not particularly intelligent, they are stronger than most beings their size.

Minor Races

  • Sorwolves. A cross between a wolf and flying squirrel. Somewhat intelligent, though they cannot speak. They are occasionally spotted on mountains.
  • Wood Stoats. Short-tailed weasels that generally live in trees. What they lack in size they make up for in cleverness.
  • Dirt Stoats. Similar to the Wood Stoat, but prefer to live inside of small holes in the ground. They are apprehensive of anything larger than them.
  • Ore Stoats. Similar to Dirt Stoarts, but live in small caves at mountainous regions. They collect ores and minerals, and old texts speak of a merchant who traded on occassion.


  • The Flameless. Those who did not consume the embers will surely have their flame turn to ash.
  • Pilgrims of the Embers. They who take up the task to complete the pilgrimage.
  • Friars of the Embers. They are the few who have completed the pilgrimage of embers, and give aid to others in need. While they do not associate with any outside of their own, they are respectful of the decent and innocent.
  • Hill Gnarl Tribe. One of few Gnarl tribes in Arisonte, they dwell at the Darkened Hillocks in the Southern Lands. 
  • Ysannic Guardians. The small creatures protect the lake and their sanctuary.
  • Circle of Parity. Took no sides, rather acting as an arbitrator to settle disputes of war and trade.
  • Himpe Fellowship. A group of humans, who, at one point, wished to live peacefully with nature.
  • Divine Acolytes. Their location is well hidden and protected by a barrier that keeps all of ill-minded out. They give aid to those who most need it.
  • The Flamewatchers. They observed the world from their spire, acting as a lighthouse for the ignorant and solitude for the wise. They prefer to learn by watching others.
  • Bayns on the Ridge. Ridgics, completely covered in cloth. They roam the Jagged Seaboard, seeking to kill those who dwell under the sun unharmed.
  • Cult of Vesperus. Worshippers of the Darkest Flame Vesperus.
  • Disorder of Anura. A fringe cult, followers of a deity known as Anura.