From strength to trapping, skills are very important in any game that makes use of them. 

Quick notes about the skills in my game:

  • They can be leveled up at a soulgate with embers, which are retrieved by killing any living creature or monster.
  • Skills will go up to a maximum level of 100, and each has its own ember requirement per level.
  • As with most other games, the skills are split up into two categories: combat and non-combat.

Combat Skills

While the skills in this section may sound generic for an RPG, a majority of a skill's uniqueness is how it is implemented to interact with the game world. Some of these skills have not been fully implemented, and potentially can change or improve.

  • Health. This skill will determine how much health points you have. When you reach zero health points, you die.
  • Endurance. Determines how much stamina the character has. If he or she run out, they can't do tasks that require stamina, such as sprinting, jumping, swinging a sword, or shooting a bow.
  • Agility. Determines the character's sprint speed, attack speed, climb speed, dodge speed, and jump air time.
  • Defense. Determines the character's damage received reduction and is a soft requirement for certain armor and shields.
  • Strength. Determines the character's damage per melee and archery attack.
  • Archery. Determines the character's accuracy of all archery weapons.
  • Magic. Determines the character's total spell slots and magical energy. It will govern the five spell categories: Destruction, Aiding, Cursings, Blessings, Invocations, and the Sundries.
  • Intelligence. Determines the character's damage per magic attack.

Non-combat Skills

The skills in this category have not been coded yet. However, I have major plans on how these will interact with the world.

  • Trapping. Determines the character's trap-setting efficiency and the traps he or she can setup.
  • Awareness. Determines the character's awareness of his surroundings, like hidden traps and entrances, and sneaking monsters.
  • Concealment. Determines the character's ability to disguise as a creature or monster, as well as how well the character sneaks.
  • Looting. Determines how well the character can pick locks and pockets, and improves item drops from non-player entities.