As humanity attained its peak, a child was born from the seed of darkness. Under a familiar influence, the mother of this child taught him magic.

Now aged and tainted by the knowledge of ancient spells, he warred against the innocent. Underestimating him, the world suffered; yet the armies of men prevailed. When death would not take him, they sealed his magic, bound his limbs, and cast him into the dungeon of the northern mountains. It was in that darkness where he found an artifact... one that should not have been there.

When peace finally came, it did not last. Beasts emerged from below, and demonic vessels arrived out of the north. Humanity was destroyed. This was the age of the Calamity, and the birth of another child. This is where your pilgrimage begins.


From beginning to the current pass[?], time is split into four ages.

The Age of Being. Mankind is born, each gifted a Flame[?]. In this time, the people merely exist.
The Age of Awakening. This starts at pass zero, when they first start counting the aghtenes and passes.
The Age of Knowledge. This starts at the 80th pass. There is much knowledge to be found in this age, that of constructing, hunting, planting, metalwork, magic, and other skills.
Age of Calamity. This starts at the final aghtene[?] of the current pass. An age of blood, beasts, and vacancy. The current age.